The Rectorate is a collegial operational and advisory body that provides solutions to current issues of educational, research and administrative activities of «Astana IT University» LLP

The main task of the Rectorate is to organize and coordinate the ongoing work on the implementation of the AITU Development Strategy and to ensure the main activities, preliminary study of issues within the competence of the Rector and other corporate and collegiate management bodies of AITU, and develop recommendations for them.

 The competence of the Rectorate includes the following issues:

 – monitoring the implementation of the Development Strategy and operational plans of the AITU;

 – consideration of issues related to the implementation of current work plans by AITU structural divisions;

 – development of recommendations on priority areas for the development of AITU as a whole and its structural divisions;

 – organization of professional orientation and admission of students;

 – consideration of current issues of the organization of the educational process and its educational and methodological support;

 – consideration of issues of mutual visits and control visits to training sessions;

 – consideration of issues of operational management of the academic activities of the Partnership;

 – consideration of current issues of organization of research activities of AITU, including the research work of students;

 – consideration of current issues of the organization of educational work of AITU;

 – consideration of current issues of the organization of economic work of AITU;

 – consideration of current issues of the international cooperation;

 – monitoring the implementation of decisions taken by the corporate governance, control and collegiate bodies of AITU;

 – development of decisions on other issues within the competence of the Rectorate in accordance with the Charter and on behalf of the General Meeting of Participants, the Supervisory Board and the Board of AITU.

 The Rectorate consists of the Rector, vice-rectors and heads of AITU structural divisions.  The composition of the Rectorate is approved by the order of the AITU Rector.  The Rector of AITU is the Chairman of the Rectorate, directly manages the activities of the Rectorate.

 The Rector’s office carries out work in accordance with the plan, which is drawn up and approved by the Rector for each academic year.  Rectorate meetings are held by the Rector of AITU, and in his absence – by the person acting in his capacity.  Rectorate meetings are held 1 (one) time in 2 (two) weeks.