Success stories

Dr. Bishwajeet Pandey


Dr. Bishwajeet Pandey, Astana IT University, Kazakhstan at 18th INDIACom. 2024 11th International Conference.

Hamed Frogh


International student Hamed Frogh’s personal experience with admission to AITU

In this video, 2nd year foreign student Hamed Frogh shared his personal experience with admission to AITU.
• How and why did Hamed decide to apply to Kazakhstani HEI?
• What are his feelings and personal experiences in Astana?
• What are Hamed’s plans after graduation?

Answers to these and other questions can be found in the full video via the link in stories and telegram channel

Nurdaulet Turar


In April 2022, ITM 3rd year student Nurdaulet Turar won a 2-year NIPPON FOUNDATION (Japan) international scholarship, under which the student will be rewarded with a monthly scholarship (100 euros) for two years.

Aisara Imangaliyeva

East Tennessee State University (USA)

In 2022, 3rd year Software Engineering student Aisara Imangaliyeva won a grant from the United States Department of State. Aisara spent five months studying at East Tennessee State University as part of the Global UGRAD program. The program fully covers tuition, accommodation, flights and a monthly stipend of $940.

Muratov Adilkhan

Huawei R&D

A 2nd year student of the Software Engineering program completed an internship at Huawei R&D in Paris as a research intern, in a team that improves 4/5G communications. The internship took place from mid-August until the end of October. Huawei itself pays for the flight, and also provides a stipend/salary for the duration of the internship.

Aruzhan Imasheva

Cracow University of Technology (Poland)

First of all, I would like to thank AITU for the opportunity to study in Europe on academic mobility.

I entered the Polytechnic University of Krakow in 2022 as part of the academic mobility program. In general, I have been studying here for 2 months. During this time, I became very attached to the city itself and the university community.

Krakow is one of the most comfortable cities in Europe. To get to know the city better, the university offers a very active student life, from visiting museums and sights to hanging out at various parties. It helps to meet many people and exchange experience and knowledge.

In my case, academic mobility allowed me to adapt to a new society, communicate with people of different mentalities and cultures, and gain experience traveling around Europe.

Kalabayev Adilet

Lawrence Technological University (USA)

I am a student of Astana IT University, studying under the IT Management program and currently I am in the USA in the state of Michigan under the academic mobility program.

Lawrence Technological University is 90 years old this year, and it’s nice to be a part of the university’s vast and ongoing history.

What I love the most is that I now have direct access to professors who have spent most of their lives working for major automotive companies such as Ford, General Motors, etc.

Since my major is IT Management, I chose the following courses:

  • Operations Management
  • Risk & Quality Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Simulation & Management Science

In addition to these courses, I am simultaneously preparing for admission to the master’s program in my specialty.

In my free time I travel, play sports, and learn to play the piano.

I would like to thank Astana IT University for the opportunity of academic mobility. I advise everyone to apply and expand their horizons while maximizing their potential.

Nazerke Zhylkybai

Inha University (Korea)

I studied at Inha University in Korea for 5 months as part of the academic mobility program. In addition, I won the opportunity to receive Global Korean Scholarship funding.

First of all, I would like to thank Astana IT University for fulfilling my dream and giving me such an opportunity. Through this program, I get to know representatives of different countries and exchange experience.

Inha University organizes various activities and excursions for foreign students in order to get to know Korean culture. Since Korea is known for its great technological achievements, the IT courses here are of high quality.

I think that foreign experience broadens a person’s horizons and contributes to achieving a future career!

Abu Mariyam

Inha University (Korea)

Hi, my name is Abu Mariyam, the student of second course of Computer Science educational program. I have been studying in Korea for two months now, as an exchange student. I would like to share with you my great experience here.

First of all,  there is a good chance for you to discover a new culture and to do many fun things. It is probably the case for every single exchange student no matter what country they decided to go to, however South Korea is unique for that. For instance, it is extremely easy to travel around the country, as Korea has a great transport system. Also, your diet will diversify, you would try a lot of new food such as squid, octopus, kkakdugi and so on.

Moreover, South Korea offers a great change of scenary without being totally unfamiliar, since the country is extremely developed. Also, according to friends who are in other Korean universities and to my own experience, I would say that South Korean universities make great efforts to integrate international students to university life, by organizing buddy programs, field trips, etc. It is also to be noticed that numerous universities seem to offer free Korean language classes for exchange students in order to start communicate in Korean to make everyday life easier here.

Last but not least, South Korea expanded my worldview, I found a lot of new friends from around the world. I would like to thank my home university for giving such a great opportunity to study abroad!

Aruzhan Tumabekova

Latvijas Universitate (Latvia)

Hello everyone, friends! My name is Aruzhan and I am a 3rd year student of the Big Data Analysis educational program at Astana IT University.

I want to share with you my experience of studying as an exchange student in Riga, Latvia! Almost 9 months ago, I said goodbye to my loved ones in the international terminal, and now I am writing this text.

I want to say that it was my most enriching experience in 3 years of student life and I am grateful to the university for this opportunity. Latvia has become my second home in such a short time and it was painful to say goodbye.

In general, the system at LU (Latvijas Universitate) was different from ours, as they have a semester system of education. But the Faculty of Computer Science had a large selection of interesting subjects, I chose Databases 2, Natural language processing, Software testing, Theory of algorithms. The assignments were given from 2 to 4 weeks to complete. Probably the hardest thing for me was keeping up with deadlines. Because every week there were tasks in AITU and periodically in LU, and when they overlapped, it was even more difficult. Teachers of both sides were understanding and always went forward. The main thing is not to relax too much, since in Europe there was a great temptation to travel to other countries due to availability.

Travel guys, but not to the detriment of your studies! And don’t skimp on it, because there’s always money to be made, but will we be in the same place a second time soon?

And most importantly, communicate! Feel free to start a conversation first, ask for contacts, or ask something back. All Europeans treat this with understanding.

And in conclusion, I will summarize that there are always opportunities, but we do not always use them. Participate in all the programs you can, without trying, you will never know…

Yevstigneev Vladislav

University of Latvia (Latvia)

I am a 3rd year student of the Software Engineering educational program at Astana IT University.

I am studying for the 4th month at the University of Latvia under the academic mobility program on a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

First of all, I would like to thank Astana IT Unviversity and the Ministry of Education and Science for the opportunity and financial assistance in making the trip.

Thanks to this program, I exchange experience with students from different countries and gain important and unique knowledge that helps me grow professionally.

I am currently taking courses:

  • Software Engineering
  • Introduction To Management
  • Business English
  • Programming Languages

Also, LU professors actively support professional activities outside the university (for example, participation in exhibitions, business incubators, etc.), which motivates students to develop in parallel with their studies.


Professor of the Department of Computer Engineering Amanbek Yerasyl and student of the Department of Computing and Data Science Adilzhan Aulbekov took part in the first Summit of Central Asian Youth Delegations, held in India from November 17 to 23.

Bolashak international scholarship

In the 2021-2022 academic year, among the number of employees and teachers of Astana IT University, three applicants became the owners of the Bolashak international scholarship for internships at the best universities in the world. Associate Professor of the Department of Social Sciences Tuselbayeva Zhanar Askertaevna is undergoing a teaching internship at Michigan State University at the College of Education.

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Computer Engineering – Smagulova Gulnur is doing a teaching internship at Boston University, USA and is conducting a study on the topic “Main Problems of Technological Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries on the Example of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. A scientific supervisor of Smagulova G. is Professor Markus Gonsalves.

Artykbayeva Aizhan, a manager of the Department of International Cooperation, is also undergoing a scientific internship at Boston University under the guidance of Professor Virginia Graiman and is conducting her research activities in the field of Project Management. Artykbayeva Aizhan’s research topic “Project management approaches in the system of dual education.”

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