Scientific and Technical Council of “Astana IT University”

The Scientific and Technical Council of the University is the highest expert advisory body of the University in the field of formation and practical implementation of scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities.

In its activities, the NTS is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the University and the Regulations on the Scientific and Technical Council of the University.
NTS is created by order of the rector of the University.
The main purpose of the NTS is to develop the basic principles of formation and mechanisms for the practical implementation of scientific, scientific, technical and innovation policy.

The main tasks of the NTS are:
– coordination of the work of scientific departments in the implementation of complex R&D, grant and innovation projects;
– determination of the prospects for the development of scientific departments of the university, the directions of scientific research carried out in them, their compliance with the profile of training specialists and educational programs of the University;
– analysis and evaluation of the main results of scientific research conducted at the university, as well as consideration of the results of the scientific work of the university departments;
– review and evaluation of reports on research and development work, grant and innovation projects;
– consideration of issues and development of recommendations on popularization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities of the university, promotion of their commercialization;
– analysis of the interaction of the structural units of the scientific unit of the university in terms of ensuring the management and coordination of the educational, scientific and production process and making recommendations for improving the management of scientific activities at the university;
– promotion of international cooperation in the field of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative development of the university.

The Chairman of the NTS is the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation. The Vice-Chairman is the Dean of the University. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman performs his duties.
The Secretary is appointed by the Chairman of the NTS.
The NTS may include vice-rectors, heads of structural divisions, representatives of teaching staff, student and public organizations of the University.
As necessary, individual changes may be made to its composition by the decision of the NTS.

NTS carries out work in accordance with the plan drawn up and approved for each academic year.