The Career and Employment Center is a structural subdivision of Astana IT University.


The activities of the Center, in accordance with its purpose, are aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • The formation of career skills among students and graduates;
  • Promoting the employment of graduates;
  • Organization of professional practice for students.

Partners companies

Structure of the Department

Madina Mukaliyeva

Tel: +7 (7172) 64-57-07 (2095)
Room: C1.1.272


Tel: +7 (7172) 64-57-07 (3033)
Room: C1.1.272

Department functions

  • Fulfillment of the order of the Director of the Academic Department, the management of the Association on the issues related to the competence of the Center;
  • Planning and organization of all types of professional practices of students, analysis of the results of practices;
  • Participation in the drafting of a contract of professional practice;
  • Conclusion of contracts on the conduct of professional practices with enterprises, organizations;
  • Formation of orders to send students to professional practice;
  • Quality control of professional practices;
  • Making proposals to improve the organization and conduct of professional practices;
  • Preparation of annual reports on all types of professional practices, participation in the preparation of the annual report of the university;
  • Organization of publication of documentation on professional practice;
  • Assistance in employment of students and graduates of the university;
  • Planning and organizing the distribution of graduates;
  • Analysis of performance and main areas of work to support the employment and career development of graduates;
  • Advising students and graduates on personal and career growth;
  • Organization of events with the participation of potential employers - meetings, job fairs, seminars, presentations of companies, etc. ;
  • Implementation of information support for students, graduates and partner companies through the site, social networks and other means of communication and communication;
  • Support stable and mutually beneficial relationships with graduates;
  • Monitoring of the labour market, analysis of employment prospects by industry;
  • Strengthening cooperation with enterprises and organizations that act as employers for students and graduates;
  • Assistance in increasing the competitiveness and mobility of graduates in the labour market;
  • Monitoring of the career movement of graduates for three years;
  • Conducting a sociological survey of employers on the quality of training;
  • Development of questionnaires for different categories of respondents on the sociological survey of employers and other representatives of the labour market;
  • Analysis and processing of the results of the sociological survey of employers and other representatives of the labour market;
  • Improving the competitiveness and mobility of graduates in the labour market;
  • Participation in the development of draft decisions of the authorized bodies and management of the Association, as well as other documents related to the activities of the Centre;
  • Provision of advice and methodological assistance to the structural units of the Partnership within the competence of the Centre;
  • Preparation of letters, requests, answers, reports and other necessary documents to authorized State, non-State bodies, institutions and third parties, as well as the management of the Association, on matters within the competence of the Centre;
  • To perform other functions in accordance with the Centre’s mission, as well as those defined by the Partnership’s organs, management and internal regulations.