“Big Data and Blockchain Technologies” Science and Innovation Center

Today, digital research methods are relevant in all branches of knowledge.  The digital representation of data represents not only the advent of the era of big data, but also opens up wide opportunities for semantic analysis, which in principle was impossible in analog systems. Semantic analysis means that the functions of digital devices become intelligent, that is, they produce new knowledge and new value. That is why Gartner uses the term “digitalization” to emphasize that the purpose of changes is to create new value for consumers, and not just to improve what has been done within the framework of automation and computerization. Digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence are three related key concepts that the research of the Big Data and Blockchain Technologies Research and Innovation Center focuses on.


Formation of a highly competitive knowledge-intensive environment for solving urgent research tasks and developing innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies.


Improving the quality, quantity and effectiveness of implemented research and innovation projects in the field of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies.

The team of the Center "Big data and Blockchain technologies"

The team has experience in conducting research and development work, performing grant and contractual projects in the field of artificial intelligence, big data, natural language processing, predictive analytics.

The head of the Center is Aliya Nugumanova, PhD in “Information Systems”.
Email: nugumanova@astanait.edu.kz

Department structure

Aliya Nugumanova
Head of the Center PhD in the specialty "Information Systems"

Email: a.nugumanova@astanait.edu.kz

Room: С1.2.331

Junior research assistant

Email: a.mansurova@astanait.edu.kz

Room: С1.2.331

Junior research assistant

Email: 222242@astanait.edu.kz

Room: С1.2.331

Tasks of the center

  • Execution of research works and projects.
  • Development, strengthening and expansion of the scientific school "Artificial Intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies", training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel within the framework of the scientific school.
  • Development, strengthening and expansion of scientific and industry collaboration with leading domestic and foreign research organizations and companies.
  • Development, strengthening and expansion of scientific infrastructure.
  • Development of technological innovations in accordance with the actual demands of the real sector of the economy.

Ongoing projects

Name of the project



АР19677756 «Unsupervised term extraction: a set of models and datasets for high-tech domains and low-resource languages»



AP19679514 «Exploring the conceptual framework of the Blockchain domain using text mining and formal concept analysis: a focus on learning methodologies»