Student life

Student life of Astana IT University provides students with opportunities to develop diverse talents and explore possibilities for new passions. To foster students’ interests, Astana IT University offers a variety of extracurricular activities, preparing them with critical knowledge, skills, and opportunities to be leaders in an increasingly complex world. Student Life helps students to get involved in many large-scale events.

Department of Student Affairs

DSA is a structural unit of Astana IT University, which organizes and coordinates extra-curriculum activities at the university. DSA is committed to creating a favorable environment and conditions for students to develop leadership skills. Student engagement has core importance in DSA activities.

Astana IT University Student Council

AITU SC is the supreme body of the student self-governance system, providing a platform for the student body to positively impact the University. Student Council provides students an opportunity to acquire in-depth leadership experiences where it focuses primarily on improving student integration and the quality of campus life for students. Members of AITU SC are actively involved in the organization of student life events and inclusion of spiritual, moral and cultural values in campus life.

Student clubs

Many memorable moments at Astana IT University happen outside the classroom. Student clubs and organizations are a source for student development by fostering a learning environment that empowers students to engage and participate in a diverse array of enriching opportunities. With many student organizations, AITU lets you pursue the activities you’ve always loved, discover new passions and find people who share interests.

Student housing

Astana It University provides a good quality of housing for its students. Our university is delighted to introduce students with an environment where we encourage them to self-realize and be more active in student life activities. Living in Student Housing is closely intertwined with the university and filled with various events and activities that are organized and conducted by advisors, the student council and students themselves.

Getting around

Astana IT University is located in the EXPO Business Center and surrounded by Pavilion “Nur Alem”, International Financial Center “Astana”, International Technopark of IT startups “Astana Hub”, EXPO Congress Center, SEC MEGA Silk Way, “ASTANA BALLET” Theater, Hotel «Hilton» and Nazarbayev University.

Psychological Counseling Center

Psychological Counseling Center provides free counseling for AITU students in difficult situations. You can contact the Center on any matter of a family, educational or personal nature: self-doubt, a feeling of loneliness, feelings associated with the loss of loved ones and close ones, problems in study or communication, dissatisfaction with your own life and others.

Medical service

Students’ health and wellbeing are one of our top priorities. Astana IT University advances the well-being of the University community and provides medical services on the campus. The medical office of the University includes such services as the provision of first aid, emergency care, primary diagnosis and outpatient treatment; the organization and conduct of preventive medical examinations, health education.

Sport & gym

Physical education of students is the most important component of the educational process. Sports is an integral part of student life at Astana IT University. We support students in their pursuit of an active lifestyle by providing opportunities for sports and participation in sports competitions and events at various levels.

Where is the Astana IT University’s dormitory located?

Astana IT University provides two residential complexes for its students at Kabanbay batyr 60a/1 (for girls) and Kabanbay batyr 60a/6 (for boys).

What do I need to prepare for living in the dormitory?

Settling in a residential complex, the student is provided with furniture and equipment, for which he subsequently bears material responsibility. We advise you to bring with you a pillow, a blanket, two sets of bed linen, dishes and personal items necessary for living in a residential complex.

Is it permitted to use multi-cooking, microwave and other appliances in the rooms of the dormitory?

According to the rules of fire safety in the rooms of the university’s residential premises, the use of electric heating devices (multi-cooking, electric kettles, microwave oven) and other fire-hazardous devices is prohibited. For cooking, there are equipped kitchens and dining rooms.

Where can the student go to solve the issue of settling and living in the residential complexes of Astana IT University?

Students can contact the Department of Student Affairs for all questions about accommodation in residential complexes of the University. He/she will be provided with all necessary information and list of necessary documents: Contact 8(7172) 645-709, office-C2-245

What sports sections are available for university students?

In the sports hall of the university, there are sections training for football, volleyball, and basketball.

What are the working hours of the sports hall?

At Astana It University, the sports hall “Cyber Arena” and gym are open until 20.00 p.m from Monday to Saturday (Sunday – weekend).

If an additional medical examination is required, where can the student go?

“Mediker-Astana” LLP provides necessary examinations and services for students of Astana it University at Kurgalzhyn highway, 4/1 (Registration +7701 705 79 65) within the guaranteed volume of free medical assistance.

Are medical certificates provided by various medical institutions valid?

Inquiries and extracts on the illness of students should be provided from Mediker-Astana LLP. In the case of providing certificates from other medical institutions, they must be certified by a doctor at the University’s medical center.

How to become a member of the Student Council?

Every university student with the necessary moral, ethical, business qualities, as well as participating in the university’s public life, can be chosen as a member of the Student Council. Membership in the Student Council is carried out through selection in the Student Council. The decision to accept a new member is taken by members of the Student Council. Detailed information on the procedure for conducting selection can be obtained from the president of the Student Council.

Is military service deferment granted ?

Yes, students will be exempted from military service. Deferral is provided according to studying at educational institutions on full- time course of study

Who is an advisor?

An adviser is an academic mentor, who guides and supports students as they progress through their academic careers. An advisor assists with course selection and sequencing, policy interpretation, and coaches students through their academic requirements and challenges. You can find out information about your advisor at the dean’s office.

What can get a student expelled?

Students can be expelled for the following reasons
– at their own request, including health reasons
– transfer to another educational institution
– violation of the terms of the contract
– financial indebtedness for university studies
– academic failure
– violation of other duties stipulated by the Charter of the University, the Internal Rules, the Rules of Student Housing.



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