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Large-scale restoration of ecosystems using modern technology is an urgent task, climate change processes have accelerated, systematic approaches are required to ensure green growth of flora and biodiversity. Resilient and healthy ecosystems are natural carbon storage and sinks, a tool for adaptation to climate change. Existing solutions for ecosystem development must be integrated with scientific and innovative IT solutions.


Development of scientific and innovative IT solutions for the development of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry. Development of decision-making, monitoring, inventory systems based on IoT technology. Thus, the AgroTech Scientific and Innovation Center is designed to implement smart solutions:

(i) integration of IT solutions with the accumulated knowledge of narrow specialists in forestry and agriculture;

(ii) large-scale digitalization of data, inventory, monitoring and comprehensive restoration of the ecosystem;

(iii) Assistance in the development of warning systems for fire services, emergency services, control of deforestation, monitoring of flora and biodiversity development.


Based on the interdisciplinary research of scientists from AITU and the Forest Science and Innovation Institute of Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, to implement large-scale projects for the introduction of digital technology in the forest management process.


– development of a scientific and methodological approach to assess the economic and ecological potential of forest ecosystems in different zones of Kazakhstan using modeling and forecasting methods;

– development and optimization of forestry management systems of the republic, taking into account the peculiarities of the regions and the forest fund in the context of climate change;

Identification of urgent problems in forestry (felling, degradation, fire) in Kazakhstan, development of IT systems that ensure the conservation, multiplication and sustainable management of forests and forestry with the involvement of infrared cameras, satellite, drone-UAV monitoring instruments.

– introduction of scientifically grounded IT solutions, remote sensing tools, marking for the administrative and management and landscape forestry organization of the green belt of Nur-Sultan.

AgroTech Center collaborators team:

The team has extensive experience in building geographically distributed telemetry systems intended for collecting, transmitting, storing, processing and analyzing data on the state of real world objects: climatic conditions, natural and artificial reservoirs, green spaces, irrigation, farmland, etc.

Head of Research and Innovation Center

Doctor of Technical Sciences, PhD, Professor Vice-Rector of Science and Innovation, Astana IT University

Leading Researcher

Tel: +7 (7172) 64-57-24

Leading Researcher

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, PhD,Professor
Deputy Director of the Forestry Research and Innovation Institute Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

Project manager

Leading Researcher
PhD, Associate Professor Adviser to the Rector of Astana IT University (International relations)


PhD, Astana IT University


PhD, Associate Professor Forestry Research and Innovation Institute Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

Vatskel Volodymyr




Moldir Kulshigashova
Junior Researcher

Forestry Research and Innovation Institute Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

Completed projects

Hardware and software complex "Inspector"

Designed for monitoring, control and management of a fleet of vehicles with the aim of performing logistic tasks, reducing fuel consumption at enterprises, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, etc.

Online weather station

Allows you to monitor the weather conditions at a specific facility all year round in real time from anywhere in the world. Helps to effectively plan agricultural operations, prevent the development of plant diseases and the development of pests.

System for monitoring and forecasting rainfall, thaw-rain and mudflow floods.

Allows you to monitor the level and quality of water in rivers in real time.

Monitoring system for deforestation.

Allows you to control the situation with illegal deforestation.

System for monitoring the radiological situation and technology

The main purpose of the system is collection, operational and long-term storage of data on the radiation situation. Construction of time graphs of the radiation situation for the local point where the measurement will take place. Radiation background excess alarm.

Development of innovative ways of forest reproduction in the Kazakh Priirtyshi.

It was carried out in 2016-2018 under the leadership of S. Baizakov. The results of the work were three new technologies of forest growing, ensuring a high survival rate of forest plantations. On their basis, 3 innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan were obtained and 1 monograph was published.

Study of forest reclamation protective plantations on the drained bottom of the Aral Sea, their influence on soil-forming processes and the development of scientific foundations for the creation of forest-pasture lands.

Completed on the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2015-2017 under the leadership of B.T. Mambetov. It is proved that under the protection of saxaul plantations of certain parameters, the quantitative and qualitative composition of the grass stand increases, wind erosion stops altogether, and soil-forming processes improve.

Monitoring of changes in the ecology of coniferous forests in time and space in the south-east of Kazakhstan by methods of dendrochronological analysis.

“Grant funding for scientific research of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2015-2017. The dendrochronological studies carried out made it possible to determine the climatic changes in the southeast of Kazakhstan over the past 200 years, determined the wet and dry years. The work was carried out jointly with the laboratory of dendrochronology of the Institute of Meteorology of the People’s Republic of China.

Socio-economic assessment of the effectiveness of greening of large cities of Kazakhstan, development of a methodology for assessing the effectiveness of greening programs and recommendations for their development.

Completed on the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 215-2017. Head Mambetov B. Works were carried out to analyze greening works in three large cities of Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Atyrau), as well as a socio-economic assessment of the effectiveness of greening these large cities. Thus, in Nur-Sultan, after the creation of the green zone, wind activity in the city decreased by 20-25%, the temperature in urban conditions increased by 1-2 degrees, and the socio-economic situation in other studied cities improved.

Prevention of desertification and land degradation in arid desert conditions through the development and implementation of technologies for the treatment of seedlings of tree and shrub species with compositions of moisture-adsorbing substances and growth biostimulants.

Grant financing of scientific research of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2018-2020 Head Mambetov B. According to the results of the work, it was proved that in desert conditions, the combined use of moisture-absorbing substances and biostimulants, growth by 20% increased the survival rate of seedlings. The technology of processing seedlings with different compositions has been developed.

List of patents received

  • Baizakov S.B. Innovative patent. A method of creating fire-resistant forest plantations in the belt pine forests of the Irtysh region No. 25515, 26.05.2011.
  • Baizakov S.B., Iskakov S.I., Nysanbaev E.N. Innovative patent. A method for creating mother-transit forest cultures (using the example of one layout of planting material) No. 2619904 04.2012.
  • Sarsekova D.N., Baizakov S.B., Iskakov S.I. Innovative Patent. Rotary cultivation of plantation crops of poplars for wood raw materials in the south and southeast of Kazakhstan No. 25516 September 26, 2011
  • Bektanov B.K, Bekturganova A.E., Akhmetkerimova G.E. A method for stabilizing the position of a laser beam and a device for its implementation Patent for PM 3316 2018 / 0210.2 04/02/2018
  • Bektanov B.K., Serikbaeva G.K., Zhildikbaeva A.N. Method of automatic control of movement of mechanisms Patent for PM 3315 2018 / 0209.2 04/02/2018
  • Vatskel V.Y., Anpilogov A.G. Copyright to a work. Computer program GPS system for monitoring, scheduling and control of fuel consumption "Inspector"