AITU iQyn English Language Olympiad

Dear high school graduates!

English Language Olympiad «AITU iQyn 2024» – remote (online) Olympiad, in which students of 11-12 grades and final course college students can take part. The competition is a great chance for students to test English language proficiency and get an exemption from the English entrance exam test when entering Astana IT University. If you enjoy learning a foreign language and are interested in enriching your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, would like to study IT in English as well, then the English Olympiad «AITU iQyn 2024» is just for you.


Olympiad participation form: remote (online)

Number of rounds: 2

Subject: English language

Olympiad duration:

  • The Olympiad is held for students of 11-12 grades and final course college students
  • The Olympiad is held remotely in two stages: qualifying and final stages

Registration of participants – Open from January 22, 2024 till February 24, 2024.

1st round – 02.03.2024

1st round results – 06.03.2024

2nd round – 13.03.2024–14.03.2024

The announcement of winners – 18.03.24

The arrangements for participation:

  1. Choose Olympiad «AITU iQyn 2024»
  2. Read the Rules for the Olympiad
  3. Register Online
  4. Pass the tests
  5. Preparation for making a video on a suggested topic
  6. Certificates awarding

1st round

In the first round, vocabulary, grammar and reading skills (text up to 400 words) are tested in the online testing format. The test duration is 60 minutes. Online testing is conducted on the educational platform “Moodle” (video instructions and registration are available on the Official Website). Accounts will be created for each participant and sent to the email address specified during registration for the Olympiad. The participant must check the entrance to the platform in advance.

  • Testing includes 60 tasks

2nd round

In the second round, oral speech skills are tested. Participants admitted to the second round must prepare a video presentation on a given topic within five days. The topic and criteria for the video presentation will be available on the Official Website.

Participants who have successfully passed two rounds of the Olympiad are awarded certificates of exemption from the entrance exam in English upon admission to Astana IT University.