Foundation AITU

Foundation Astana IT University

is an intensive 30-week program for preparation for the UNT and admission to bachelor's degree programs at Astana IT University.

The purpose of the program:

to provide the necessary level of subject and language competencies of students for the successful completion of the UNT and admission to bachelor’s degree programs at Astana IT University.

About the course

  • The training is conducted in the traditional offline format and on the Microsoft Teams online platform
  • Our teachers develop academic skills, form discipline and personal independence of students
  • Graduates of the program apply for a grant to Astana IT University and leading Universities of Kazakhstan
  • The certificate of successful completion of the Foundation makes it possible to enroll in Astana IT University without entrance exams

30 weeks

Duration of training

online and offline

Training format

Kazakh, Russian

Language of instruction

45 min

Duration of one lesson


  1. Mathematical literacy
  2. Reading literacy
  3. History of Kazakhstan
  4. Mathematics
  5. Computer science
  6. English


  1. General English
  2. ICT

Our teachers

Our teachers are qualified trainers of secondary schools and lyceums, with experience in preparing for the UNT and bachelor's degree programs.
  • They carry out training in subject areas and for admission to bachelor's degree programs at Astana IT University
  • conduct diagnostic, intermediate and final tests in subjects
  • monitor the dynamics of students' academic performance

The total duration of training is 30 weeks (September 2023 – May 2024)

Training format:

  • 1st trimester: 09/18/2023 — 11/26/2023

  • 2nd trimester: 11.12.2023 — 18.02.2024

  • 3rd trimester: 04.03.2024 — 12.05.2024

Schedule of classes:

Number of classes per week:

Mathematical literacy – 1 hour

Reading literacy – 1 hour

History of Kazakhstan – 1 hour

Mathematics, computer science — 3-4 hours a week

General English – 4 hours


Class format:

Classes in subjects:  mathematics — in the traditional offline format.

Classes in subjects: mathematical literacy, history of Kazakhstan, General English — on the Microsoft Teams platform in online format

Duration of training

390 hours

Total cost of training

867,000 tenge

The cost of training with a one-time payment

693,600 tenge
Subjects Hours Course cost Payment per trimester
Mathematical literacy 30 51 000 KZT 17 000 KZT
History of Kazakhstan 30 51 000 KZT 17 000 KZT
Reading literacy 30 51 000 KZT 17 000 KZT
Math 90 240 000 KZT 80 000 KZT
Informatics 90 217 000 KZT 68 700 KZT
General English 120 257 000 KZT 68 700 KZT
Cost of education 390 hours 867 000 KZT 289 100 KZT
One-time tuition fees   693 600 KZT  
Type of discount Amount of discount
Representatives of families in which both parents are persons with disabilities or pensioners 20%
Representatives of large families raising 4 or more minor children 20%
Persons left without parental care, orphans, persons with disabilities 50%
With a one-time payment of the full cost of the program 20%














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