AITU Sport

Sport is an alternative to bad habits and the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Physical education and the formation of a healthy lifestyle of students at Astana IT University are considered as an essential part of the education and training process. We support students in their interest in an active lifestyle by providing opportunities for doing sports, and for participation in sports competitions and events at various levels.

The students are provided with a fully equipped sports facility, sports complex “Cyber Arena” and universal gym. All members of the University community can use sports services for free.

A large comfortable sports hall with high-quality non-slip flooring ensures safe training in football, volleyball, basketball, and tennis. In the gym, there are individual training, as well as group training, competitions, and tournaments.


For general physical training, the students of the University are provided with comfortable conditions in the gym “Cyber Arena”, which is equipped with modern TECHNOGYM simulators and with modern air conditioning system. “Cardio zone” of the gym includes two treadmills, an elliptical simulator, and two bike simulators, a “Free weighbridge” area equipped with a full range of Olympic-class dumbbells and rods.

There are men’s and women’s cloakrooms with showers and personal cells with key locks for storing valuable belongings.

Monday-Friday : 10.00 – 17.00

Saturday-Sunday: 10.00 -13.00

Sporting events

  • Close attention is paid to sports events at the university. Physical Education classes and sports practicing are systematized, substantial work is being done in identifying talented students, in tracking their involvement in the sports sections, such as volleyball, basketball, table tennis, mini-football, and in helping with their participation in competitions of various levels.