Student clubs

Studying is an incredibly interesting, bright, intense and exciting time. New acquaintances, entertaining lectures, creative tasks, conversations with coursemates during breaks between classes, a busy period of the session… All this creates a unique atmosphere of student life. It also bears its own romance.

The diverse variety of student clubs has opened with an incentive to increase the social activity of students and let them congregate around a shared mission. Participation in student clubs offer countless opportunities: an avenue to make new friends, teamwork, goal-oriented individual and group development, expanded knowledge and creativity, as well as interesting and funny experiences.

More than 25 student clubs are created and run by students at “Astana IT University”, where students generate their ideas and turn them into reality. Involvement in student clubs provides 400 students with the ability to enhance their intellectual and leadership skills by independent club management, bridging academic and non-academic experience.

Many student clubs are involved in traditional events of “Astana IT University”, such as initiation to students “Welcome Party 2019”, “AITU Talent Show”, KVN, debates, organize creative contests and competitions “Drink and Draw”, “Acoustic Night 2019”, “AITU LOVE WEEK” and Cozy Day, Halloween Party, Movie night, Info session ”PRODengi”, REBOOT, “Highlander” game, etc.

Music club – is focused on talented students who want to develop their creativity, like to sing and play musical instruments and contribute to the widespread popularization of music in every way. Music club is a creative music workshop and our main motto is “Do not know how – we will teach!”. We don’t care whether you are professionals or not, we value the love of dancing and music and desire to learn and improve.

Cybersport club – is a club that aimed at the development and popularization of e-sports, as part of the international sports movement.Cybersport club was created to empower students who are interested in e-sports and to take part in various cybersport events. And now, students are enthusiastically gaining experience in disciplines such as Counter-Strike, Global Offensive and Dota 2.Our task is to participate in tournaments in the city of Nur Sultan on behalf of our university, thereby attracting more youth both to our Astana IT University and to our Cybersport club.

Basketball club – was created to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the university and the development of mass basketball among students.Basketball training improves students’ physical fitness and game skills. During training, students learn and practice various game moments and strategies. Basketball tournaments take place in the University every trimester.

Demeu club is a space for the exchange of positive experiences in solving psychological problems.Demeu club brings together creative students, those who wish:

  • change own lifestyle;
  • strengthen self-esteem;
  • increase own effectiveness;
  • make own life less conflicting and more harmonious.

Within the framework of meetings, club members learn to resolve conflict situations, find solutions in case of conflict of interest or pressure and defend their position, analyze life examples, play situations, and increase stress resistance.

Chess Club – unites students for whom popularizing chess is a cultural and intellectual leisure.Chess members are passionate about this elite game, which many politicians, scientists, writers, artists from different eras adored.The activities of the club are divided into two blocks: tournaments and lectures, discussion evenings. Our brain receives priceless intellectual nourishment, improves and develops during the game of chess.

Event club – is a club of young, talented, ambitious students who decided to dilute the boring life of students with leisure and active student life of AITU. Activists are eager to organize and conduct incendiary events, entertainment events, as well as unique interactive role-playing quests. One of the large-scale events is the first-year talent contest “AITU TALENT SHOW”, held on October 18, 2019, at the university. During the preparation of the event, the Event club makes hundreds of decisions: what idea to put in the basis of the concept, which host to choose for the event, whom to invite, and much more. The success of the event directly depends on the correctness of the decisions made.

AITUKIT –  is an association of students keen on producing video content.The mission of AITUKIT is to capture the most interesting and bright events of the university. For this, AITUKIT holds creative meetings and workshops on creating videos and photographs.If you know how to look at a thing from the other side and enjoy video editing, videography, then we are glad to welcome you to our AITUKIT.

Charity club – is a community of students who are ready to selflessly help those who are in need. The key mission of the Charity club is to create a space of charity at Astana IT University, involvement in the implementation of the good, and the development of a helping habit. The main focus is the work on creating comprehensive programs with orphanages, nursing homes and holding large charity events.

Intellectuals club – unites students and teachers of Astana IT University to develop extracurricular interaction as part of intellectual and entertainment events.Mind games are a great way to develop your deductive abilities, learn to make important decisions in a short period of time and have a wonderful time in the company of pleasant and smart people. This is the opportunity our club provides to everyone.Intellectuals club is not only participation in intellectual games but the opportunity to communicate and team work experience.

AITU JOKERS – is an extra-curricular project of humorous content, the main purpose of which is to develop students’ creative thinking and organize their productive leisure.This club creates humor in all its possible directions – KVN, stand-up, songs, performances, videos, skits. AITU JOKERS helps students find themselves: to test themselves in all kinds of creative and organizational roles and find what is closest to them. We joke a lot, and therefore, we comprehend reality.

New Wave – is a team that unites completely different students for the same purpose – career guidance with applicants and school graduates.Communicating with school students, the New Wave team helps them to find out reliable information on the requirements of admission to the university, about the education and student life in AITU. Joining this club, you have the opportunity to meet new friends, develop your leadership skills and organizational abilities.

Hydra organization – is a team that aimed at the development of new ideas and organizational abilities. It allows students to get experience in conducting large-scale events as film evenings, intensives, enchanting competitions, cyber competitions and much more.Hydra organization is a kind of reflection and unification of the entire student life, as creativity and energy are core principles of their strategy.Hydra organization wants to enter the inter-university level to raise the student life of our university.



Dance club – was created to unite all lovers of dance art and to develop dance in all possible manifestations and directions.Dance club helps students to unleash their creative potential and dance culture and charge it with bright emotions In our club there is a variety of styles and directions of dancing as Street dance, Jazz-Funk, Hip-Hop Choreo, Vogue, Contemporary and others.



Football club –  is developing rapidly, opening up new opportunities for university students who want to play football.One of the main tasks of the Football club is the development of mass amateur football.Football club disciplines its players by letting them know that they not only enter the field “for themselves”, but participate in official competitions and take responsibility for the result.In a short period, many diverse events have been held not only between students, but also teachers and staff.Football club filled our hearts with pride and life with exciting emotions.


StartUp club – is an association of students who are interested in startups, Internet projects. A member of Startup club can be anyone who wants to develop skills in creating IT ideas and startup projects.Startup club collects their ideas and projects, thinks over their features, discusses these ideas and forms a team for their implementation in the form of MVP. The main goal is to bring projects from an idea to a real product, on which hypotheses can be tested. We learn from our mistakes and our successes.


AITU Volleyball club – constantly organizes competitions and friendly meetings not only between students but also with teachers and university staff.AITU Volleyball club formed the women’s and men’s national volleyball teams. Students gather every week in the Cyber Arena to play their favorite games. The volleyball club waits for those who already know how to play volleyball and those who want to learn.The students regularly take part in university and city competitions.

Oratory club – is a club aimed to help students to practice speaking skills and overcome the fear of public speaking.The Oratory Club is organized for students who want to develop and improve their skills in public and rhetoric speaking. Moreover, this club is a good opportunity for those who want to get and to improve presentation skills and the art of persuasion. Oratory club helps students to develop communicativeness, confidence, ability to express their thoughts easily and freely in any situation.In Oratory club, you will no longer be afraid to speak in public, be able easily to improvise on any topic, learn to convince people, and your speeches will become bright and interesting for listeners.

The mission of the Volunteer Club is to get students involved in the community through service activities. Volunteering is a great way to get the first professional experience, this is an opportunity to hone your skills and establish yourself well. After all, it is the volunteers who make any event more colorful and brighter, do everything from the heart.Becoming a volunteer, we gain communication skills, creative and innovative thinking, work experience in various fields of activity. Incredible emotions, new acquaintances and friends can be obtained for free.

AITU PHOENIX – is a club that aimed to organize leisure activities for students and develop student’s talents and creativity.Each semester, the AITU Phoenix team organizes different student activities. On January 17, 2020, AITU Phoenix organized the first workshop on how to create a telegram bot, and expand their programming knowledge. As a result, all participants created their first telegram bot and had a good time.On February 28, 2020, AITU Phoenix organized a charity stand-up concert “Smile and Help” in collaboration with the group “Salem Stand Up”. All profit was sent to the orphanage.

Media club – unites diverse and creative university students who defined their assignment in objective and timely coverage of information about student initiatives and news.Media club conducts the boldest informational initiatives in the student life, contributes to improving the quality of content on official pages on social networks through the formation of skills and competencies in the design of news materials.Club members will be able to try themselves and gain knowledge at any stage of the video production – from script writing to acting and video effects.


Debate club – is a voluntary association that promotes the development of tolerance, oratory and leadership qualities of students.For Debate club students, a debate is:

  •  a way to expand your views and prospects;
  •  development of cooperation and relations between students and other youth public associations;
  •  Establishment of a more eventful, interesting and diverse life of students;
  •  comprehensive support for student initiatives and ideas;
  •  finding new friends and like-minded people.

A distinctive feature of the Debate club is the holding of training and games in English, during which the most relevant topics are debated, covering a variety of areas – economics, politics, international relations, culture, religion, environmental issues.

Galleryone – is a club of like-minded people who love to draw. At meetings you can always plunge into a cozy creative atmosphere. The goal of the club is to identify artistically gifted, active young people in the student community and create conditions for their creative fulfillment.Galleryone’s activities:

  • organization of work of studios and creative teams;
  • holding university-wide cultural events and holidays;
  • participation in city festivals of amateur art.

Android Development – is a space for communication and extracurricular activities for all Android lovers who wish to expand their knowledge of the platform and be on the cutting edge of new technologies and developments.Android Development participants consider the most popular design patterns and approach in the foreign community, learn to think outside the box and avoid common mistakes with the help of competent planning of application architecture.

Reading club – is a club that aimed not only to instill a love of books in the University community but also to discuss together books that they have read and to express their opinions.It is indisputable that books are a source of knowledge, develop horizons, logic, thinking, improve memory. Today, the goal of Reading Club is to attract students to reading and increase their interest in books. Students who learn to apply the knowledge gained from books in life will be able to be successful in everything, including entrepreneurial projects.

Math club – a club, which unites students, for whom mathematics is an interesting subject, concealing a lot of secrets and mysteries.A member of the Math club can be anyone who interested in solving entertaining problems, acquaintance with beautiful mathematical plots and strict logical reasoning.We want mathematics to be an interesting science for everyone and the process of problem-solving to bring you joy and pleasure. Seek, dare, create and succeed! Remember that “the main source of the fascination of mathematics is contained in itself!”