International relations

The main task of the department is to develop and expand international relations with higher educational institutions, scientific organizations of neighboring and other countries, with leading transnational companies and other enterprises in the field of education, science and innovation.

Department Structure

Salykova Leila
Director of the Department

Tel: + 7 (7172) 645708 (вн.2030)
Room: С1. – 3.33

Office hours:
Wednesday: 14:00-17:00
Friday: 14:00-17:00

Tuleuova Gaukhar

Tel: + 7 (7172) 645708 (вн.2031)
Room: С1. – 3.33

Office hours:
Wednesday: 14:00-17:00
Friday: 14:00-17:00


  • Formation of international image of the Partnership
  • Collaboration with external organizations and institutions on the basis of contracts, plans and programs;
  • Promoting the integration of the University as a full partner in the world educational system and ensure its participation in the international market of educational services;
  • Establishing contacts with foreign educational and research institutions, foundations, individual representatives of education and science of foreign countries and state organizations;
  • Searching for new international programs, distribution of information and consultations for students, teachers, AITU staff;
  • Organization of admission of foreign students and teachers to various forms of education and professional development in the university specialties.
  • Coordination of external academic mobility program (student consultation) and international educational programs Erasmus+, Mevlana, etc;
  • Consular Visa support for foreigners coming to the university for study, internship, advanced training or study under the student exchange program with foreign universities;
  • Coordination of the process of implementing two diploma programs with foreign educational organizations;

Academic mobility

Academic mobility is an opportunity to spend one trimester in another country as a student of a foreign university, without interrupting your studies at Astana IT University. The task of academic mobility programs is the internationalization of higher education and cultural integration of youth from different countries.

Taking advantage of academic mobility, you get an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and education system of another country, improve your knowledge of foreign languages, make new friends and gain invaluable experience.

Studying in a strong foreign university will be a good addition to your higher education diploma and will certainly increase your competitiveness in the labor market.

Partner Universities

Green River College, USA

Shmalkalden University of Applied Sciences, Germany

IGlobal University, USA

University of Latvia, Latvia

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

You can take part in academic mobility in the following forms:

  • On your own initiative, having received an invitation from a foreign university;
  • Within the framework of an inter-university agreement, by taking part in the annual open competitive selection of AITU;
  • Within the framework of international academic mobility programs, having received a corresponding grant from the organizers of the program;
  • Within the limits of intergovernmental agreements, having taken part in annual open competition the Ministry of Education and Science of RK.

Distance learning format (information for students)

Dear Astana IT University students!  In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we organize the educational process in the first trimester of the 2020-2021 academic year in a distance format.  For first-year students, festive events and review lectures are planned on September 1 in a distance format. The script of the celebratory assembly...
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Online meeting with students to explain the training format

Dear students of Astana IT University! On August 21 at 16.00 hours an on-line meeting is scheduled to explain the format of education in the new 2020-2021 academic year. We are waiting for you at the following link: Learn more
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Astana IT University congratulates all the recipients of the targeted scholarship!

Dear applicants, congratulations to all who managed to become one of the holders of 1100 targeted scholarships from Astana IT University. For 3 years spent at Astana IT University, you will become an international specialist, a true professional in your field, master the skills of creating innovative startup projects, become a part of the digital...
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