International Credit Mobility

Astana IT University has signed inter-institutional agreements with the University of Pitesti (Romania) and Ionian University (Greece) as part of the Erasmus + program, the main component of which is the academic mobility of students and staff.

Agreement period: 2023–2027

Calls: Key Action 131, Key Action 171

The institutions agree on exchanging their mobility-related data according to the principles of GDPR3 and in line with the technical standards of the European Student Card Initiative4, when this becomes available for international mobility involving third countries not associated to the Programme.

Institutions commit to:

  • Ensure recognition for activities satisfactorily completed.
  • Ensure that student and staff mobility for education or training purposes is based on a learning agreement for students and a mobility agreement for staff validated in advance between the sending and receiving institutions or non-academic organisations and the mobile participants.
  • Accept all activities indicated in the learning agreement, or according to the learning outcomes of the modules completed abroad, as automatically counting towards the degree, provided these have been satisfactorily completed by the mobile student.
  • Partners commit to taking measures to ensure recognition of student and staff mobility upon their return, including:
  • Providing incoming mobile students and their sending institutions with free-of-charge transcripts. The documents must be in English or in the language of the sending institution and containing a full, accurate and timely record of the achievements at the end of the mobility period.
  • A Transcript of Records will be issued by the receiving institution no later than 3 weeks after the assessment period has finished at the receiving HEI.
  • Providing staff with a certificate for the activities completed. It is recommended to issue a certificate towards the end of the mobility period.

University of Pitesti

The first higher education institution in Piteşti was founded in 1962, under the name of the “3-year Pedagogical Institute”, and provided pedagogical specializations in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Philology and Physical Education and Sports. There followed an opening towards the technical specializations, which led to the establishment of the Institute of Associate Engineers (1969), united in 1974 under the name of the Institute of Higher Education. Subsequently, there were various other forms of organization, in a period the institution being under the subordination of the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, until 1991, when, after three decades of accumulations in this intellectual segment, it became autonomous and received the name “University of Pitesti “.

Starting from the beginning, the University of Pitesti has polarized the interest of many young people in the country for the programs of study it offered and for the quality of the education provided by the exceptional academic staff, but also of students from all over the world, since Pitesti is famous for the largest Romanian Language Training Center for Foreign Students.

The University of Pitesti undertakes the mission of education and research, by achieving the modern university’s trinom: education – research – community services, as follows:

Professional development at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and in the concept of lifelong learning, for the purpose of personal development, insertion of graduates into the labor market, satisfying the socio-economic environment’s needs of competences and adaptability to permanent changes.

Generating and transferring knowledge through fundamental and applicative scientific research, development, innovation and technology transfer, individual and collective creation, relevant and meaningful at the regional, national, and international level.

Promoting and developing partnerships at the local, regional, and national level in order to involve the University in solving community problems and increasing visibility and prestige.

In over its 50 years of existence in the Romanian university area, the University of Pitesti has been and is recognized as a provider of human resource, prepared in an excellence-driven manner for the local, national, and international labor market. The University of Pitesti provides free and coordinated access to a modern education, folded on the needs and realities of the European socio-economic environment.

Teaching staff academic mobility in Romania

Senior lecturers of Astana IT University Serik Igbaev and Eldiyar Zhantileuov visited the University of Pitesti (Romania) as part of the academic mobility of the teaching staff under the Erasmus + program. During the visit, a presentation of Astana IT University was held, as well as a number of master classes on innovation management, creation of Startups and Data Science for 3rd year students of University of Pitesti.

Moments for future cooperation were identified both between teachers for joint scientific research, and within the framework of student exchange.

The Ionian University

The Ionian University is a university located in the Ionian Islands, Greece. It is one of the newest institutions of Higher Education in Greece, created in 1984 pursuant to presidential order 83/84 ΦΕΚ 31 Α/20-3-84, along with the University of the Aegean and the University of Thessaly. In 2018, TEI of Ionian islands merged into the Ionian University.

The university opened its doors to students in Corfu in 1985. Until 2018 it consisted of six departments (History, Foreign Languages and Translation, Music Studies, Library, Archival and Museum Studies, Audiovisual Arts, and Informatics). By incorporating and restructuring the Ionian Technological Education Institute, in the academic year 2019-2020 the Ionian University expanded to comprise a total of twelve departments on four islands of the Ionian Sea (Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakynthos), offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and summer schools.

The Ionian Academy was the first Greek University of modern times, established in 1824 by Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford. It was in operation in Corfu for forty years, until 1864, up to the Union of the Ionian Islands with the Greek State.

The Ionian University was established in 1984 by the Greek government under the Prime Ministership of Andreas Papandreou in recognition of Corfu’s contribution to education in Greece as the seat of the first University of Greece, the Ionian Academy, that was established in 1824, forty years before the cession of the Ionian islands to Greece and just three years after Greece’s Revolution of 1821. The Prime Ministership thus kept an election promise to the people of Corfu, satisfying their long-held demand that a successor university to the Ionian Academy be built. On 21 May 1985, the founding of the Ionian University was announced in a speech at City-Hall square in Corfu city.

Guest lecture by a professor of the Ionian University Angeliki Sgora within the framework of the Erasmus+ program

On May 4, a guest lecture by Angeliki Sgora, a professor at the Ionian University (Greece), took place. Ms. Sgora gave a lecture on “Network selection in heterogeneous networks”. The lecture mentioned the current trends in the development of heterogeneous networks, as well as their main advantages and disadvantages.

The professor was invited to the national enterprise “Astana Su Arnasy”, where it was possible to see the Internet of Things system implemented in the water supply and sanitation system of Astana.