Military department

Military training of students is organized with the aim of preparing reserve officers for the Armed Forces, other troops and military units of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main task of the department

Organization and implementation of a high level of educational and scientific-methodical work in the disciplines of military training, educational work among students, scientific research in the profile of the department, training of scientific and pedagogical personnel and advanced training. The department’s work is aimed at training reserve officers for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan from among students, possessing deep theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and high professional qualifications, in accordance with the requirements of the training program for reserve officers from among university students in military accounting specialties.

Protocol of selection for the military department for 2020-2021

Department structure

Murat Maykeev

Tel: +7 (7172) 645 714
Room: С2. – 1.11

Office hours:
Wednesday: 14:00-17:00
Friday: 14:00-17:00

Alexei Peresipkin
Deputy chief

Tel: +7 (7172) 645 714
Room: С2. – 1.11

Office hours:
Wednesday: 14:00-17:00
Friday: 14:00-17:00

The main functions of the department

  • Provides comprehensive methodological support for the educational disciplines of the department: the preparation of textbooks, teaching aids, the development of teaching materials for all types of training, as well as other manuals involving the use of the most appropriate forms and methods of teaching, a rational combination of teaching methods, the effective use of modern teaching machinery and laboratory equipment;
  • Provides training and advanced training for teaching staff;
  • Organizes the selection of students for military training;
  • Организует отбор студентов для прохождения военной подготовки;
  • Establishes creative ties with the military departments of other universities; studies, summarizes and disseminates the experience of the best teachers; assists beginning teachers in mastering pedagogical skills;
  • Takes an active part in the work of the university staff, improving the education of specialists on the basis of an integrated approach to labor and moral education of students. Provides the focus of the educational process on the formation of a scientific worldview among students;
  • Carries out work to expand and strengthen ties with other educational institutions;
  • Provides the development and use of modern educational technologies that enhance the learning of learning material by students;
  • Conducts the promotion of scientific knowledge through the participation of the faculty and staff of the department in the work of scientific and technical societies, seminars, speeches in front of teams at enterprises and in other educational institutions;
  • The head of the military department bears full responsibility for the educational, methodical, research and educational activities of the department headed by him.

Material and technical base of the military department

  • Training weapons and military equipment, laboratory equipment, educational and training facilities, computer facilities, teaching aids, instruments, visual aids and other military educational property;
  • Audiences (lecture halls), classes, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, teaching rooms, laboratory assistants; rooms for storing weapons, military-technical equipment, and other training and educational support facilities;
  • Special training complexes, training camps (firing, engineering, chemical, guard, radio ranges, miniatures - ranges, etc.), shooting ranges, electronic shooting ranges, multimedia equipment, drill ground and other facilities intended for development of programs for general military and special training;
  • Training workshops, warehouses for storing military equipment, weapons, devices, military training and other property;
  • Textbooks and teaching aids, teaching materials and other material and technical means.

Training in military specialties:


Geographic information systems;

The use of topographic and geodetic units and parts.