Innovation and entrepreneurship


Coworking is an innovative working space with a wide range of services, high-speed Internet access and jobs that can be used by students and / or employees of companies working in the field of cybersecurity, ICT, IT management and telecommunications.

The normative basis of the organization of coworking

– internal labor regulations;
– regulations on coworking;
– application acceptance platform;
development plan (work) coworking space.

Goals and objectives of coworking

– The main tasks of coworking to create conditions for students and tenants represented by companies specializing in the field of educational programs of Astana IT University.
– Active use of opportunities and services provided by innovative infrastructure;
– Organization of additional lectures, trainings, master classes, invitation of speakers, coaches, etc.;
– Support and development of innovative entrepreneurship among students
– Organization of the workplace, meeting rooms, conference rooms;
– Development of proposals for the development of innovative infrastructure forms and methods of innovation management at Astana IT University;
– Analysis of the relationship between methods used in the course of innovation activities and forms of innovation infrastructure.

The main directions of coworking:

– mutually beneficial cooperation between companies and Astana IT University;
– provides constant Dating, live communication between users, exchange of contact information, useful networking;
– active participation in external and intra-University conferences, seminars, events, etc.;
– project activities;
– stages of developing a coworking business model as an element of an open innovation infrastructure;
– classification of innovation infrastructure elements based on selected criteria.

Guest lectures and master classes

Meeting with Astana Innovations and SeedStars Nur-Sultan

March 2, 2020

The purpose and topic of the meeting: exchange of information on the plans of events for 2020, such as contests, master classes, Olympiads, hackathons, etc. Possibility of providing a platform for the above-mentioned events.

Meeting with Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary

March 3, 2020

The purpose and topic of the meeting: the opportunity to conduct internships( industrial practice), hackathons among students in the aerospace industry.

Meeting with Hewlett Packard

March 10, 2020

The purpose and topic of the meeting: to discuss the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation. Also, the base of professional development and retraining, certification of bachelors and later undergraduates. Access to hardware (demo versions) interns-students during internships, etc.

Meeting with Amirkhan Omarov BI Innovations

March 13, 2020

Purpose and topic of the meeting: Presentation of projects primarily coworking in Kazakhstan, implementation experience in Almaty. Further possibility of implementing the coworking project in Astana IT University. Implementation of companies, start-up incubators on the territory of coworking in Astana IT University within the framework of this project. Development of the University’s internal ecosystem.

Meeting with Florian Brand, managing Director of Exponential Group


The purpose of the meeting: to get acquainted with the company’s activities and possible points of cooperation, to discuss the conclusion of the Memorandum. The possibility of internships for aitu students on the basis of their company, regular seminars and master classes.

Meeting with the international center for green technologies and investment projects (ICTIP)


The purpose and topic of the meeting: the possibility of attracting students and teachers to joint projects, presentation of scientific projects of AITU and ICTIP.