Innovation and entrepreneurship


a platform for the development of student entrepreneurship in Astana IT University LLP. AITU provides an innovative workspace - a coworking space with a wide range of services, high-speed Internet access and workplaces, which can be used by students and/or rented by companies working in the field of cybersecurity, ICT, IT management and telecommunications. AITU coworking space residents can be students, faculty and staff of Astana IT University, as well as individuals or legal entities that have entered into a coworking lease agreement.

The regulations on the coworking space determine the procedure and conditions for the work of residents in the AITU coworking space. To hold an event in a coworking space by university departments, external organizations or to obtain residency, you must submit an online application using the link 

Minimal Valuable Product

AITU applies the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) concept with the aim of involving the faculty in the innovative activities of the university.

The main tasks of MVP at AITU:

– Interaction of teachers of various educational programs, joint work of faculty with AITU students through the implementation of common projects, effective use of the innovative potential of students and teachers of AITU.

– Development of new, progressive forms of cooperation with organizations, institutions, enterprises, etc. in order to apply technical solutions in any area.

 – Attracting investors to the project.

– The ability to implement the project in other organizations, institutions, enterprises, etc.

 – Development of scientific and innovative activities among students and teachers, aimed at the implementation of innovative projects, as well as at the creation of innovative infrastructure and ensuring its activities.

The procedure for accepting applications from the teaching staff for registration and consideration of the minimum viable product is regulated by the Regulation on the Minimal Valuable Product.

The normative basis of the organization of coworking

– internal labor regulations;
– regulations on coworking;
– application acceptance platform;
development plan (work) coworking space.

Goals and objectives of coworking

– The main tasks of coworking to create conditions for students and tenants represented by companies specializing in the field of educational programs of Astana IT University.
– Active use of opportunities and services provided by innovative infrastructure;
– Organization of additional lectures, trainings, master classes, invitation of speakers, coaches, etc.;
– Support and development of innovative entrepreneurship among students
– Organization of the workplace, meeting rooms, conference rooms;
– Development of proposals for the development of innovative infrastructure forms and methods of innovation management at Astana IT University;
– Analysis of the relationship between methods used in the course of innovation activities and forms of innovation infrastructure.

The main directions of coworking:

– mutually beneficial cooperation between companies and Astana IT University;
– provides constant Dating, live communication between users, exchange of contact information, useful networking;
– active participation in external and intra-University conferences, seminars, events, etc.;
– project activities;
– stages of developing a coworking business model as an element of an open innovation infrastructure;
– classification of innovation infrastructure elements based on selected criteria.

Guest lectures and master classes

Guest lecture by Nikolai Tyan


Topic “How to formulate the value of a product?” On the analysis of the market and competitors, the definition of client segments, the calculation of the unit economy.

Scientific seminar


Scientific seminar on the topic “Application of the MLOps methodology for the implementation of Opinion Mining models as part of Smart City services”.

Q&A session with the team of the NURIS business incubator and business accelerator


Purpose and topic of the meeting: open 2 start-up support programs at different stages and how to become participants:

ABC Incubation x TCA 6.0 startup support program at the idea/prototype stage.

Quick Start XII support program for startups that plan to scale up and attract investments.

Lecture on the topic "Startups and entering international markets." The experience of Fedor Pak, CEO of Chatfuel


About the experience of launching and expanding projects and startups in foreign markets, incl. USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia, etc.

Guest lecture by PwC Kazakhstan specialists


PricewaterhouseCoopers is an international network of companies. PwC Kazakhstan specialists spoke about the company, the recruitment process and projects.

Workshop session


Workshop session within the framework of “Creative bastama” (pitching) for creative entrepreneurs from the BI group, where the priority areas were:

  • A documentary about Bigville;
  • Urbanistics: MAFs in the national theme with a legend;
  • Development of the concept and production of gifts in the national style with a legend;
  • Development of Bigwillian merch in a modern-national theme.