Student council

Student Government

- is a proactive, independent, social form of student activity aimed at solving important issues of student life, exercising the rights of students to participate in the management of AITU's educational process and developing their social activism.

The Government’s mission

“AITUSA represents and defends the rights of AITU students in all areas of student life, including improving social and leisure activities.


“AITUSA aims to be an effective student body, developing the brand of the university and competing effectively with the student organisations of top universities.

The main functions of the AITU student government:

  1. Search for and inclusion of socially-active students in the social work, stimulation of student associations’ activities;
  2. Participation in the organisation and management of the educational process at AITU;
  3. Participation in the system of quality assurance and control of AITU training;
  4. Representation of students’ interests;
  5. Development and implementation of own socially significant projects and support of student initiatives;
  6. Prevention of violations in the student environment;
  7. Maintaining discipline among students, interaction with law enforcement agencies;
  8. Participation in the process of encouraging the most active students and allocation of places in AITU accommodation;
  9. Organization of cultural events, leisure, recreation and health activities for AITU students;
  10. Analysis of student problems, identification of perspectives and ways to solve them.

The organisational structure of the student government:

1. President;

2. Vice President for Scientific and Academic Affairs;

3. Vice-President for Social and Cultural Activities; 3;

4. Committee on Academic Activities;

5. Committee on Social Activities;

6. External Relations Committee;

7. Research and Development Committee;

8. Committee on cultural and mass activities.

9. The activities of the Student Government shall be managed by the President.

Президент AITU

В марте 2021 года прошли выборы Президента студенческого самоуправления. В результате предвыборной гонки победителем стал Альтаир Алимжанов. Вице-президентом ВУЗа является Сүлеймен Меруерт. Сформировано студенческое правительство (AITUSA), которое является центральным звеном в осуществлении деятельности самоуправления. Их работа направлена на решение важных вопросов жизнедеятельности студенческой молодежи и развитие ее социальной активности

Student clubs

In order to increase the social activity of students at the university there are more than 40 hobby clubs. The activities of the student clubs are aimed at organising and holding cultural events that help to reveal the creative potential and spiritual and moral upbringing of students.