Student Government “AITUSA”

Student Government

– an initiative form of management, involving the active participation of students in the preparation, adoption and implementation of management decisions related to the life of the University, as well as the protection of the rights and interests of students, the inclusion of students in various types of socially significant activities


The main goal of the Student Government is to form an active civic position of University students, to promote the development of their independence, ability to self-organization and self-development, preparation for competent and responsible participation in the life of society


AITUSA aims to become an effective body of student life, develop the brand of the university and effectively compete alongside student organizations of top universities.

Basic principles and functions

  1. Search for and inclusion in social work of socially active students, stimulating the activities of student associations;
  2. Participation in the organization and management of the educational process at AITU;
  3. Participation in the AITU specialist training quality assurance and control system;
  4. Representation and protection of students’ interests in collegial bodies, events, competitions, etc.;
  5. Development and implementation of their own socially significant projects and support of student initiatives;
  6. Support of discipline among students, interaction with law enforcement agencies;
  7. Participation in the process of encouraging the most active students through the provision of lists of active students and the allocation of places in AITU residential premises;
  8. Participation in the creation of conditions for the disclosure and self-realization of students (holding contests, forums, competitions, etc.)
  9. Analysis of student problems, identification of prospects and ways to solve them.

Organizational structure

1. The President;

2. Vice-President for Scientific and Academic Activities;

3. Vice-President for Social and Cultural Activities;

4. Committee on Academic Activities;

5. Committee Scientific and Innovative Activities (UNID);

6. Committee on IT;

7. Committee on the Media;

8. Committee on External Relations.

9. Committee on Cultural and Mass Activities.

President of AITU

In March 2024, the election of the President of the AITUSA Student Government was held. According to the results of the election race on March 1, 2023, Koishybai Alua Nurzhankyzy becomes President. Oynar Saya (Sociocultural activities) and Nishan Alina (Scientific and academic activities) were elected VicePresidents.

— President 7(701)550-60-00, (Outlook), @Epic_Failer (Telegram).
— Vice-President for Scientific and Academic Activities (Outlook), @diorsjoy (Telegram).
— Vice-President for Social and Cultural Activities (Outlook), @seykure  (Telegram).

Student clubs

In order to increase the social activity of students, more than 40 interest clubs operate at the university. The activities of student clubs are aimed at organizing and conducting cultural events that contribute to the disclosure of creative potential and spiritual and moral education of students.