Education process

3 years

Period of study

3 trimesters

One academic year includes

10 weeks

Duration of 1 trimester

50 minutes

Duration of an academic hour

Academic calendar

Academic activities of AITU are carried out in accordance with the academic calendar, which defines learning activities for the entire academic year.


Educational activities at AITU are carried out in accordance with the Article  approved by the founder’s decision № 1 of 05.02.2019.


AITU has a license for conducting educational activities, received in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan № KZ26LAA00015835 from 02.04. 2019.

Credit system

– Organization of the educational process is carried out by credit technology, which is based on the choice and independent planning of students’ individual educational trajectory aimed at achieving the learning results.

– Academic credits are taken only when the student passes the positive assessment exam for the academic discipline.

Forms of classroom organization

Following forms of classroom organization are used in the educational process: lectures, seminar and practical classes, laboratory classes and consultations (independent work of a student under the guidance of a teacher).

Midterm attestation

– Each academic period (trimester) ends with a period of intermediate attestation (examination session), respectively each academic discipline is studied in one academic period and ends with a final control (examination).

– Midterm attestation of students is conducted in the form of exams, defense of coursework (projects) and reports on professional practice with a mandatory grading and is determined as an examination session.

Балльно-рейтинговая система оценки

Контроль учебных достижений обучающихся осуществляется на основе балльно-рейтинговой системы оценки и регламентируется «Правилами организации и проведения промежуточной аттестации обучающихся ТОО «Astana IT University».

Form of examination

Form of examination for each academic discipline is reflected in the discipline syllabus. Policy of evaluating the results of learning is determined by the policy of the course, conditions of evaluation are regulated by “Regulations on the system of evaluating students of “Astana IT University” LLP”.


Learning Management System (LMS) platform by Moodle provides organizational and methodical assistance in the learning process, where all the necessary methodological and information materials are placed, as well as the selection of learning courses and trajectories in electronic format.

Distance learning

Use of distance learning is allowed in the learning process.

Online learning

Online learning sessions provide for the process of learning interaction in real time (streaming) using digital technologies (webinars, video conferences, Internet messaging and other modern technologies of interaction between student and teacher).

Off-line learning

Off-line learning sessions provide for the process of educational interaction, in which interaction between the teacher and the student is asynchronous (e-mail, work with the textbook by order of the teacher with the subsequent passing the boundary and / or final control).