“Industry 4.0 AITU” Science and Innovation Center

One of the urgent current tasks is digitalization (automation) and the integration of technological, production and business processes of enterprises, from product development and procurement to production, logistics and maintenance during operation. All this taken together must be supported by an appropriate integrated digital platform (which is understood as an automated information system that uses all the necessary set of data, models, algorithms, methods and tools) and along with the entire “chain” make up the ecosystem of a digital enterprise. This problem can be solved through the use of scientific and innovative IT solutions within the “Industry 4.0”.


To be a center for ensuring the massive integration of information technologies into industry, large-scale automation of business processes and the use of artificial intelligence to maintain and increase the competitive advantages of the country’s enterprises.


To create automated production facilities monitored in real-time, considering changing external conditions through scientific research in the industrial sector and the application of its results.

“Industry 4.0 AITU” Team

The team has experience in the implementation of research and development work (R&D), applied commercialized projects for the creation of automation systems, information and analytical systems, the construction of an automated vehicle telematics system, the use of neural network technologies, the development of microprocessor systems and digital twin technologies.

“Industry 4.0 AITU” Science and Innovation Center

Ongoing project:


 1) “Creation of a GIS portal for an integrated automatic early warning system for sewage overflow, clogging and vandalization”

 2) “Research of an innovative microprocessor-based resource-saving relay protection device”


 1) “Creation of a GIS portal for an integrated automatic early warning system for sewage overflow, clogging and vandalism”

2) “Development of technology for building microprocessor resource-saving relay protection devices based on an open architecture”

 3) Development of the competence center “Electronic Industry”

Achievements of students:


On September 20-23, 2022, the WorldSkills Kazakhstan 2022 industrial hybrid championship on the competence “Integration of robotic systems” was held at the “Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan 2022”.

AITU students won prizes in the championship:

🎉First place – Orazbai Mukhtar Nurboluly SE-2005

🎉 Second place – Usenov Daniyar Maratuly SE-2014


On September 28-29, 2022, the final of the sixth season of the intellectual team competition “Student Energy Challenge” was held in Almaty at the VII Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council “Energy Transition: Dialogue of Generations” with the support and partnership of Shell Kazakhstan. 

The “HARDC0DE” team of Astana IT University (Yernar Abayev, Alizhan Zhumabay,Ainaddin Maratuly, Aizhamal Kanatova) became the winner of the sixth season of the STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE 2022 in the direction of “Digitalization” and received a grant of 2,200,000 tenge.

Department structure

Alexandr Neftissov
Head of “Industry 4.0 AITU” Center PhD, Associate Professor / Assoc. Prof.

Email: alexandr.neftissov@astanait.edu.kz
Tel: +7 (7172) 64-34-36

Sarinova Asiya

Doctor PhD, candidate of technical sciences

Senior Researcher

Kirichenko Lalita

Master of Engineering

Junior Research Fellow

Kazambaev Ilyas

Master of Engineering

Junior Research Fellow

Functions of the Department

  • Realization of the scientific potential of AITU through grant funding, program-targeted funding and contractual projects
  • Development and implementation of digital ecosystems, digital platforms, projects using Big Data analytics (Data Driven Decision) and the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Implementation of active publishing activities with international collaboration
  • Formation of AITU laboratory bases equipped with advanced facilities at the expense of budgetary and extrabudgetary (funded projects and sponsorship) funds
  • Training of personnel through attracting students to research activities, providing guidance and mentoring support to master’s and doctoral students, participation in the formation of educational programs
  • Organization of events aimed at the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution