The Academic Council of “Astana IT University” is one of the forms of collegial management of the university.

The competence of the Academic Council includes the definition of the strategy and concept of the university development, the approval of the AITU structure, the creation and reorganization of educational and scientific departments, hearing annual reports of the rector, vice-rectors, heads of structural units on the forms and methods of conducting activities, recommendations for the publication of monographs, textbooks and textbooks, approval of topics and scientific supervisors-consultants of undergraduates on dissertation research, submission of academic titles, approval and awarding of a rector’s grant, personal scholarships and prizes, consideration of other issues of AITU’s current activities that require a collegial decision.

The decisions made by the Academic Council mainly relate to the organization of educational, research and financial and economic activities of AITU structural units.

The composition of the Academic Council is approved by the order of the Rector of AITU and consists of an odd number of members. It consists of: rector, vice-rectors, dean, heads of structural divisions, teachers who have made a significant contribution to the development of the university at the international and national level, as well as students. The Chairman of the Academic Council is the Rector, the Vice–chairman is the first Vice-rector.

The Academic Council organizes its work on the basis of the approved plan for the academic year. Meetings of the Academic Council are held according to the approved regulations at least once a month.