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Astana IT University – Future of Digital Kazakhstan

Student clubs

Student life

Astana IT University has an active student government, which is an element of the overall system of management of the educational and pedagogical process in the university and involves the maximum consideration of the interests and needs of students based on the study of their public opinion.

The Psychological Counselling Centre provides free counselling for AITU students in stressful situations and encourages them to seek help with their problems. Any student can turn to the Centre for any issue relating to their psychological condition: insecurity, feeling lonely, experiencing the loss of loved ones and loved ones, problems in studies or communication, dissatisfaction with their life and others.
The main aim is to create an environment in which students are free to seek help.

Astana IT University has more than 25 student clubs in which students implement their ideas and make them a reality. Involvement in student clubs gives 400 students the opportunity to expand their intellectual and leadership skills through self-management of the clubs, which are the link between academic and non-academic experiences.


– 5 modern teaching and research laboratories 
– 6 lecture theatres, 63 classrooms
– 20 innovative computer labs
– 10 startup classrooms
– amphitheatre
– Scientific Library 
– Gym and gymnasium
– Media centre with TV and radio studios
– Medical centre with state-of-the-art equipment
– 250 Wi-Fi hotspots with free internet access

IT vendors

It vendor Astana IT University – companies of goods and services in the field of information technology that provide training and certification for their products.

  • EDB
  • Huawei
  • Cisco
  • Kaspersky


Astana IT University career and employment center is a link between University students and the labor market. Every student and graduate of the University can apply to the career and employment center during their studies or after graduation and get an opportunity to complete an internship, practice or officially find a job in the desired organization.

About the Astana IT University

Training of highly qualified personnel and commercialization of research for the ICT sector as drivers of Kazakhstan’s development.

University vision

Astana IT University is the leader of innovative continuous IT education and science with stable academic traditions and high social responsibility.

Global goal

Ensuring the quality of training in the field of ICT on an interdisciplinary basis.

Strategic guidelines

  • Academic excellence in continuous IT education and high demand for graduates
  • Leadership in research and innovation
  • National and international recognition
  • Implementation of the Smart and Digital University model
  • Financial stability and social responsibility



Monday.  9.00 – 18:00
Tuesday.  9.00 – 18:00
Wednesday.  9.00 – 18:00
Thursday.  9.00 – 18:00
Friday.  9.00 – 18:00

Admission committee

Mangilik El 55/11, Block C1

Contact number: +7 (7172) 645710
Email: info@astanait.edu.kz

Frequently asked question

Term of study at AITU?

The term of study at AITU is 3 years. Our students graduate from the University 1 year earlier, due to the intensity of training. AITU students study until the month of July, thereby closing more credits.

Do you have grants?

Yes, the university participates in the state grant competition. The threshold score is 70 or 85 points depending on the educational program.

What documents do I need to get in?

1. A copy of the identity card
2. Medical certificate No. 075 with fluorography
3. Vaccination certificate No. 063 (copy)
4. Certificate IELTS, TOEFL IBT, TOEFL ITP, Aptis, Interpress (Astana, Almaty, Karaganda) (if available)
5. 6 pieces of 3×4 photo cards
6. Diploma or diploma supplement (original)
7. Certificate of UNT (original)
8. Certificate of grant award (if any)
9. AITU Excellence Test results
10. Cheque for payment (for fee-paying students)

What language are lessons in?

The Bachelor programme is taught entirely in English, the College programme is taught in Kazakh and Russian and the Master programme is taught on a combined basis (Kazakh, Russian and English).

Is there a military Department?

Astana IT University has a military department. Our students can receive the rank of reserve lieutenant in 6 specializations: cybersecurity, geoinformation systems, the use of topogeodetic support units and units, the organization of educational and ideological work in the Ground Forces, the organization of psychological work, information support for the functioning of automated control systems.
You can enroll in the military department, both on a grant and on a paid basis.