AI in the spotlight: a new scientific discussion club explores the role of AI in today’s world

This academic year scientific discussion club “The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Our Life” has launched. The club consists of a series of open lectures and seminars held in English by Assel Rashitovna Auzhanova, a Candidate of Historical Sciences, PhD and Associate professor at the Department of General Education Disciplines. These meetings covered a range of topics through lectures and discussions, including “The History of Computer Science in the Soviet Union”, “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Our Life”, “Cybersecurity in the Focus of  Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “AI Innovations”, “Learning Foreign Languages and AI”  and many more.  The speaker is known for sharing interesting and informative insights. We hope that these discussions will spark great ideas and projects.

We are also proud to announce the creation of the international student club called “Cerebrum,” founded by second-year students Artyom Ostrikov and Almansur Kakimov. The club’s motto is “Learn. Explore. Achieve”. Dr. Auzhanova has been invited to be a mentor for this new club.

Let’s look forward to interesting meetings, ideas, and projects!