Lecture “Traditional archery as an art and sport in Kazakhstan”

On April 12, 2024, as part of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Astana IT University and Nauryz Meiram, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of General Educational Disciplines Ainur Abdina organized a guest lecture “Traditional archery as an art and sport in Kazakhstan”. Ayim Tlepbergen, the champion of Kazakhstan in traditional archery, a doctoral student in cultural studies at L. Gumilyov ENU, was invited as a lecturer.

The event was attended by students, teachers and staff of Astana IT University. Ayim Tlepbergen introduced the participants to the activities of the Traditional Archery Federation “Elorda Sadaq Atu”, as well as the history of the formation and development of traditional archery in Kazakhstan and the world. In addition, Ayim presented the elements of the traditional bow to the audience, familiarized with the history and methods of their manufacture, as well as the mastery of the bow and arrow.

After the lecture, an interesting discussion and exchange of views took place not only about the history and present of archery, but also about national identity and the need to revive national arts and sports. This is the second meeting of the Astana IT University team with the Federation of Traditional Archery “Elorda Sadaq Atu”. In the future, it is planned to hold master classes in archery for students and teachers of our university.