The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved a youth grant for the implementation of new projects and business ideas

By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 8, 2021 No. 469, the grant “Tauelsizdik Urpaqtary” was established

The grant is intended for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, not younger than fourteen years old and not older than twenty-nine years old at the time of the deadline for accepting competitive applications.

The grant is awarded for the implementation of new ideas and initiatives in the following areas:

  1. «Science» – for the implementation of new scientific projects and research in priority sectors of science;

2) «Culture» – for the implementation of projects aimed at popularizing the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, promoting folk cultural traditions and art;

3) «Information Technology» – for the implementation and development of new IT solutions and projects, including start-up projects;

4) «Business» – for the implemention of  new business ideas in priority sectors of the economy;

5) «Media» – for the implementation of new media projects, including projects to create informative, useful, interesting content for young people.

The purpose of the grant is government support for new and existing initiatives of young people aimed at forming a community of active creative youth.

Objectives of the grant award:
1) support for talented and dedicated youth;

2) identification and support of innovative projects and scientific and technical developments of young people of practical interest for the socio-economic development of the country;

3) assistance in the implementation of new and existing start-up projects of youth;

4) popularization of creative activity among young people.

The size and amount of the grant are established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan annually.

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