Registrar’s Office

The main objective of the Department is to assist the student in achieving his main goal – obtaining education in the chosen educational program with high quality knowledge, skills, and competencies with close cooperation between the structural units of the Partnership.

Functions of the Department

  • The formation of academic groups;
  • Registration of all stories of educational achievements of the student and the organization of all types of knowledge control, the calculation of his academic rating;
  • Input, formation and updating of the database of students in “Platonus”, “ESUVO”, “NOBD”, “NTC MES RK”, “Moodle”, the movement of the contingent of students on educational grants and state orders;
  • Analysis and monitoring of the qualitative and quantitative contingent of students, including students using Distance Learning Technologies;
  • Preparation of an annual statistical report according to forms 1-NK, 3-NK; administrative semi-annual reporting in ESUVO according to forms No. 1,2,3,4; 2 annual certificate on the university to Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education of MES RK and various organizations and institutions upon official request;
  • Making proposals on the approval of the average annual teaching load of teaching staff for the academic year, as well as the ratio of teaching staff and students;
  • Development of an academic calendar for the academic year, submission for approval to the Scientific Council of the Partnership;
  • The implementation of the introduction of curricula in the information- analytical complex of university management and in the automated information system "Platonus"
  • Ensuring the formation of working curricula;
  • Preparation for approval of the form for conducting examinations of intermediate and final certification, amendments to the forms of examinations based on decisions of the meetings of the Scientific Council of the Partnership;
  • The calculation of the teaching load of teaching staff;
  • The organization of work on the consolidation of academic disciplines for teachers and the preparation of a draft consolidation for consideration by the Rectorate of the Partnership;
  • The formation of a training schedule for students, including an additional (summer) semester, classes for exams, consultations, etc.;
  • The formation of an order on the work of the teaching staff in the summer semester, on the basis of executed applications and contracts;
  • Control of occupancy of the classroom fund;
  • Conducting a check on the observance by students and teachers of the training schedule;
  • Amendments to internal regulatory documents;
  • Registration and re-registration for academic disciplines;
  • The issuance of transcripts;
  • The implementation of other functions in accordance with the task of the Department, as well as determined by the bodies, management and internal regulatory documents of the Partnership.

Department structure


Tel: +7 7172 645 707 (2025)
Room: С1.1.270

Chief registrar

Tel: +7 7172 645 707 (2024)
Room: C1.1.271

Akshatauova Aziza
Chief registrar

Tel: +7 7172 645 707 (3006)
Room: C1.1.271

Isatayeva Botagoz

Tel: +7 7172 645 707 (2029)
Room: C1.1.271

Jaras Aiganym

Tel: +7 7172 645 707 (2022)
Room: C1.1.271