Scientific-innovation Center EdTech AITU

Scientific-innovation Center EdTech AITU

We live in a digital world where technology is increasingly becoming a part of our society. Therefore, we need to explore and exploit the benefits that technology can bring to the education system. Technology is often associated with the automation of processes and the reduction of human interaction, although in education it will never replace the role of our great teachers. However, technology can be an effective tool in helping to reduce workloads, increase efficiency, remove barriers to quality education, and provide tools to support lifelong learning and improve student achievement.


Research and use of the advantages of educational technologies in the learning process.


SIC EdTech will become a catalyst for the digital transformation of education and a center of expertise in educational technology.


Development, adaptation and implementation of innovative approaches based on digital technologies in the learning process to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce workload and barriers to quality education, as well as to implement and support the conception of lifelong learning.


– deployment of a platform for lifelong IT education using a competency-based training model;

– development of a system for accounting and transfer of academic credits;

– development of a module for the integrated programmes (universities, IT schools and colleges);

– development and implementation of a digital profile of the skills of students;

– analysis and ranking of market-demanded practical skills and courses (to update the content of curriculum);

– research, implementation and maintaining of adaptive learning (increasing the efficiency of learning main courses);

– creation of a system for monitoring and analytics of learning data (development of dashboards, learning analytics and decision-making support systems);

– training of undergraduates and PhD students for research and development of educational technologies (research papers);

– formation of a laboratory and equipment for conducting research on EdTech (preparing applications for grant funding, program-targeted funding and foreign funds);

– creation and development of the EdTech community at AITU (seminars and trainings on instructional design and digital pedagogy).