Astana IT University is implementing an innovative project using IoT and blockchain technologies for environmental monitoring

Astana IT University is launching a unique initiative aimed at improving environmental monitoring through its own IoT devices and the Ikarus blockchain platform from Prometeo Chain System KZ Ltd.

The project’s realization became possible thanks to a partnership with Prometeo Chain System KZ Ltd and grant funding support from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project, which started in the fourth quarter of 2023, is already showing significant successes in the field of environmental monitoring.

What makes this project unique:

  1. Special IoT devices from the university collect important data about the environment, providing accurate and continuous monitoring.
  2. The Ikarus blockchain platform ensures secure and transparent data storage, ensuring the reliability of the entire system.
  3. The integration of IoT and blockchain opens up new opportunities for timely and informed decisions to improve the environmental situation.

Words from the leaders:

“This project is a realization of our mission to protect the environment using cutting-edge technologies. We are proud to contribute to creating a sustainable future,” emphasizes the Acting Rector of Astana IT University, Serik Maulenovich Omirbayev.

“This project is an important step towards using advanced technologies to address pressing environmental issues. We are confident that the joint application of IoT and blockchain technologies will not only improve environmental monitoring but also lay the foundation for future innovations in this area. Our team is ready to collaborate with other scientific institutions and enterprises to expand this project and further its development!” – notes the project supervisor, Andrii Biloshchytskyi.

“Collaborating with Astana IT University allows us to apply innovations to address global problems. The Ikarus blockchain platform ensures reliable data storage, which is key to effective environmental monitoring,” notes the CEO of Prometeo Chain System KZ Ltd, Damira Kenesarina.

About Astana IT University

Astana IT University is a leader in the field of information technology and engineering in Kazakhstan, actively using advanced technologies to solve modern challenges.

About Prometeo Chain System KZ Ltd

Prometeo Chain System KZ Ltd is a pioneer company in the field of blockchain technologies, aiming to improve quality of life and support sustainable societal development. Their Ikarus blockchain platform is one of the key achievements in the field of secure data storage.