The Alliance of Universities of Science and Technology organized a Summer School on Artificial Intelligence with the support of the NNEF Public Foundation offline from June 20 to 27, 2024

The speakers of the summer school were experts in the field of AI, scientists, professors of foreign universities and specialists of technology companies from Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, etc.

The summer school program consists of 5 tracks: AI Essentials, Cognitive Technologies, Natural Language, AI in Education and Science and Blockchain. The training is conducted in English and Russian.

During the Summer School from Astana IT University, Vice-rector for Science and Innovation Professor A.A. Beloshchitsky, Director of SIC Big Data A.B. Nugumanova and Director of SIC Industry 4.0 Neftisov A.V. delivered a series of seminars within the framework of the AI in Education and Science track

. The purpose of the track is to form an idea of AI’s latest achievements in scientific and educational activities, as well as to instil practical skills in the use of AI technologies in the scientific and academic process.

It should be noted that the topics discussed at the summer school are included in the educational program on artificial intelligence, which will allow teachers to easily create their curricula of disciplines (syllabus) according to the materials provided by the summer school.