Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for visiting the university and house of students

Dear students of Astana IT University from January 18, 2020, studying at the university will be held in a mixed format, namely seminars-offline, lectures-online. In this regard, to ensure the safety of all students and staff of the University, please read the following sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

1. Mandatory wearing of the mask in the university and residential areas.
2. Keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters
3. If you feel unwell, it is mandatory to notify the dean’s office of the university, do not contact other people and call the medical institution for further instructions.
4. Entrance and exit from the university takes place in one-way traffic and only after passing the mandatory decontamination filter.
5. During classes, only 1 student is allowed to be located behind the workplace.
6. It is prohibited to attend public events on the territory of the university without observing all mandatory sanitary measures.