Medical Service

To provide students with any kind of medical assistance, “Astana IT University” has a medical facility that is equipped with all necessary equipment and medicine.

Medical service in AITU

All students are attached to “Mediker-Astana” LLP after entering the university. “Mediker-Astana” LLP provides Astana IT University students with medical assistance, necessary examinations, and services, within the guaranteed scope of free medical care, at the following address: Kurgaldzhinskoe highway 4/1 (Registration +7701 705 79 65). The students get services provided by the polyclinic for free.

Baitulekova Karlygash
Paramedic of "Медикер-Астана" LLP

Tel: +7 700 257 37 49

Reception hours:
Wednesday: 14:00-17:00
Friday: 14:00-17:00

Main tasks of the medical facility at the university

  • Organization and conduction of events on the formation of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Preventive checkups;
  • Prevention of socially important diseases;
  • Immunoprophylaxis;
  • Sanitary and epidemiological supervision.

Registration desk

Didactic room

Doctor-appointed treatment room

Physiotherapist’s office

Main tasks

  • Rendering first medical aid in case of sudden diseases, poisonings and injuries;
  • Referral of patients to a polyclinic, and in emergency cases – to hospital referral for qualified and specialized medical care;
  • Preventive medical checkups for students and staff of the university in accordance with current regulations;
  • Identification of students’ temporary disability with exemption from classes until the end of the workday on the day of the request for medical care;
  • Preventive vaccination of students and university staff;
  • Provision of primary health care, aimed at prevention and reduction of general and infectious morbidity, disability;
  • Control of patients with chronic diseases;
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle for university students.