Master’s degree program “Applied Data Analytics”

Applied Data Analytics

7M06103 «Applied Data Analytics»

Educational program Applied Data analytics involves the use of modern models, methods and approaches in the field of data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, as well as modeling and analysis of processes in the learning process. The educational program involves the use or application of the acquired knowledge in one of the spheres of the economy, thereby covering not only the scientific component of the program, but also the applied part. As a result of training in the educational program “Applied Data Analytics”, graduates will have the opportunity to work in scientific and industrial projects as a data analyst, business intelligence expert, process engineer.


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Scientific and pedagogical direction - 2 years

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  • Group of educational programs: M094 – Information and communication technologies
  • Educational program "Applied Data Analytics"
  • Language of instruction: English


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Пн-Пт 9:00 – 18:00

Program Description
Vector of development after graduation
Field of professional activity
Purpose of the EP

The educational program “Applied Data Analytics” includes the study of computational and statistical skills and tools necessary to solve scientific and applied problems, where the main element is large-volume data.

Data analytics is in increasing demand in such areas as marketing, pharmaceuticals, finance, management and many others. The Master’s degree program provides students with analytical tools for developing complex technical solutions using modern computational methods and focusing on rigorous statistical thinking.

The educational program implements the principles of the democratic education management in training, which include expanding the boundaries of academic freedom and the powers of educational institutions, which ensures the adaptation of the system of technical and vocational education to the changing needs of society, the economy of the labor market. The flexibility of the educational program makes it possible to take into account the abilities and needs of each student as an individual on the one hand, as well as production and society on the other hand.

A graduate can conduct the following types of professional activities:

–   Project-oriented;

–   Scientific research;

–   Pedagogical;

–   Management in the field of education and science.

The field of further professional activity of graduates of the program “Applied Data Analytics” includes specialization as a teacher in higher educational institutions, work as a researcher/research worker in research institutes, as well as work in production as a data analyst in the development of software for information and computing systems for various purposes.

The main activity involves the creation and management of models, methods and algorithms of data analysis in companies and institutions that specialize in the development of software tools for data analysis, as well as work in data analysis departments in industrial enterprises, design organizations, public and private enterprises.

The field of activity is not limited only to the information technology industry, but also involves participation in data analytics projects in interdisciplinary industries where a wide range of software tools are developed, implemented and used. In other words, graduates will be in demand in almost all spheres of economics and human activity.

Goal educational programs is training highly qualified scientific and applied specialists and software engineers in the field of large-volume data analysis, as well as managers and managers of software and information systems for the information technology industry and interdisciplinary industries related to data processing in various sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Master of Technical Sciences in Applied Data Analytics




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