Department of financial and economic planning and analysis

Main tasks of the Department:

– Development of the University’s annual budget and cash flow budget;

– Ensuring the execution of the approved budget and the budget of the University funds;

– Ensuring the targeted use of University funds allocated under the approved Budget.

Structure of the Department:

Director of department
Main economist
Main economist

Functions of the Department:

  • Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the University's Budget and cash flow budget;
  • Expenses analysis for making adjustments to the financial and economic activities;
  • Accomplishment analysis of effective and rational use of financial, material and labor resources in order to identify on-farm reserves, reducing the cost price of services provided, prevention of losses and excludes of spending funds not for the intended purpose;
  • Calculating fares, overhead, cost price of services provided by the University in accordance with the approved Budget;
  • Provision of information regarding the University budget planning for the preparation procurement plan and approval of applications for inclusion of goods, works and services in the University's procurement Register;
  • Consulting and providing methodological assistance on issues within the competence of the Department;
  • Systematic professional development and qualification of Department employees.