Results of the «Blockchain Hack 2023»

From December 15 to 22, the «Blockchain Hack 2023» took place within the walls of AITU. The hackathon was organized jointly with partners – Blockchair and Oraclus.

The following teams became winners:

The prize place $1000 from Blockchair – «DNA» team:

• Daniil Baytakov

• Ansar Shangilov

• Nurlan Kurmetov

Prize places from Oracle:

First place and $500- «Koresha» team:

• Ayan Ualiev

• Pavel Kim

Second place and $300- «Route66» team :

• Abylaikhan Myrzakhanov

• Turan Tuleshov

• Turan Miras

Third place and $200 – «DaVinci» team:

• Emir Zeylan 

Congratulations to the students on their victory!