Lecture by guest scientist Juan Bisquert, Director of the Institute of Modern Materials, Universitat Jaume I (Castello, Spain)

On February 3, Astana IT University hosted a lecture by Juan Bisquert, a visiting scientist from Spain. Professor Bisquert is a well-known scientist in the world scientific community in the field of energy conversion in semiconductor materials and devices. In addition, Juan Bisquert is the Executive Editor of Physical Chemistry Letters. The professor has published more than 400 scientific papers and has an h-index of 109 (Scopus).

During the meeting, the professor gave a lecture on the topics “How to write and publish a scientific article” and “Physics of devices for synapses and neurons in advanced neuromorphic computational neural networks.”

The participants discussed the importance of networking and self-promotion in the scientific community. The meeting was held in a hybrid format and aroused great interest among teachers and students.

It should be noted that the foreign scientist Juan Bisquert was invited to Astana IT University by the Department of International Cooperation together with the Department of Intelligent Systems and Cybersecurity to give lectures on the “Electronics” course and scientific affiliation.