Enrollment for the Coding Lab course is open

A set of directions is open for the Coding Lab course:
1. Learning algorithmic sports programming
2. Development of startups, creation of their own products
3. Preparation of students for various programming competitions of republican and international significance, in particular for the ICPC World Championship
4. Learning advanced algorithms, data structures and mathematics
5. Providing the necessary knowledge to successfully pass the interview at FAANG
Date and time of selection: March 13 at 12:00.
Registration for participation must be completed before March 12, 22:00.
Format: online
Venue: codeforces.com
Type of contest: solving algorithmic programming problems
The number of seats is limited.
The registration link is available in @astana_it_university stories
All questions about sports programming can be sent by email adina.magavina@astanait.edu.kz
For startup development issues, contact the Computer Engineering Department.