Student council

Student self-government is an element of the general educational process managing system at the university considering students’ interests and needs based on the study of their public opinion.

University has an active Youth Affairs Committee. The work of the Committee involves the holistic upbringing of the students’ personality, avoidance of the educational work formalization, as well as the conjunction of upbringing and training into a holistic pedagogical process.

AITU President

In March 2021, elections were held for the President of the student government. As a result of the pre-election race, Altair Alimzhanov became the winner. The vice-president of the university is Suleimen Meruert. The student government (AITUSA) has been formed, which is the central link in the implementation of the activities of the self-government. Their work is aimed at solving important issues of the life of student youth and the development of their social activity.

Student clubs

To increase students’ social activity at the university there are currently functioning 25 clubs created based on the students’ interests. The activities of the student clubs are aimed at organizing and conducting mass cultural events that contribute to the fulfillment of the creative potential as well as the spiritual and moral education of the students. From the beginning of the academic year, 25 student associations have been continuing and developing their activities.