Rector of Astana IT University

Hello, dear guest!

I am sincerely glad to welcome you to the site of Astana IT University, the future of Digital Kazakhstan!

Our University has innovative educational programs, classrooms equipped with the latest technology, laboratories of world IT companies, coworking centers, highly qualified teachers – graduates of leading universities in the United States, Great Britain and Germany.

We work closely with domestic and international companies in the IT industry. Astana IT University students are interning on the basis of our partners – Huawei, Microsoft, Kaspersky, CISCO, Lenovo, HP, etc.

Also, we offer the opportunity to study under the mobility programs at foreign universities-Green River College, IGlobal University (USA), University of Latvia, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Germany), Weihai Professional College (China), etc.

We clearly monitor the market needs, which helps us correctly shape the content of our educational programs, apply innovative educational technologies and strategies, and attract the most qualified IT specialists.

Our principle: “talented students-talented teachers- successful country!”.

Astana IT University is not accidentally based on the territory of “EXPO”. This is where the international IT-Technopark is located. It means that students will be able to develop their Startup projects in the field of IT technologies in the ecosystem with “Astana Hub”.

We will give every applicant who wants to become one of the students of Astana IT University a chance to realize their full potential and become the most successful specialist in the field of IT industry in just 3 years of education. Therefore, every student of Astana IT University should make every effort to achieve this goal.

Students of our University get the best conditions for studying and generating innovative Startup projects in the field of IT technologies. 

Astana IT University is called upon to be the leader in training for the digital transformation of Kazakhstan.

We are waiting for You at our University.


Sincerely, rector of Astana IT University

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the duration of study at AITU?

    The duration of study at AITU is 3 years. Our students graduate 1 year earlier due to the intensity of their studies. AITU students study until July, thus closing more loans.

    What is the language of education?

    Education at Astana IT University is conducted entirely in English.

    Is there a military department at the university?

    Astana IT University has a military department. Our students can be promoted to the rank of Reserve Lieutenant in three specialties: Geographic Information Systems, Information Security and the Application of Surveying Units, Psychological work organization, Organization of educational and psychological work in the ground forces. You can apply to the military department, either for a grant or for a fee-paying department.

    Do you have a dormitory?

    Yes. Two student homes for boys and girls are located 15 minutes from the university, in LC EXPO Residence.

    Is it possible to enter to university SAT results?

    You can enter the university with SAT points, provided they are converted to UNT points. This procedure can be performed at the National Testing Center.

    Is it possible to enter to university MESC results?

    You can enter the university with MESC points, provided they are converted to UNT points. This procedure can be performed at the National Testing Center.

    What’s the threshold score for a grant?

    There is no threshold for eligibility for a grant. To apply for the grant, you must have at least 70 points, as well as at least 5 points for each subject, and pass the AET Entrance Exam. Further grants will be allocated on a point basis. Applicants with the highest scores are given priority in receiving grants.