Terms of use of the scientific library of Astana IT University

1. Readers of the scientific library of Astana IT University (hereinafter NB) have the right to use the main types of library and information services provided by the scientific library free of charge:

  • to receive books and other sources of information in reading rooms and on subscriptions for temporary use;
  • get full information about the composition of the fund through the catalog system and other forms of library information;
  • receive consulting assistance in the search and selection of printed works and other documents, in the selection of information sources;
  • take part in cultural and educational events organized by the library.

2. Readers are obliged to take care of the library’s property, books, other printed works and other materials received from the NB fund: return them within the prescribed time; do not take them out of the library premises if they are not included in the accounting documents.

3. When receiving books, you must carefully review them. If any defects are found, inform the librarian. Otherwise, the reader who used the publication last is responsible for the damage to the book.

4. Upon departure from Astana IT University, readers are obliged to return to the library all the publications listed for them and sign a bypass sheet.

5. Readers are obliged to maintain general order in the reading room, on a subscription.

6. A reader who has lost or damaged a publication from the library fund is obliged to replace it with a copy of the same publication, a copy or another publication recognized by the library as equivalent in content and value. In case of impossibility of replacement – to reimburse the replacement cost of the publication, called by the library the real market value of the publication.


  • make any notes on the pages of books and magazines;
  • tear out and fold pages;
  • rip barcodes off book covers;
  • disrupt the placement of books on open-access shelves;
  • enter the library premises in outerwear (jackets, coats, fur coats, etc.);
  • bring food to the library;
  • talking loudly;
  • talking on a mobile phone;
  • listen to an online lesson and answer aloud to the teacher;
  • gambling, swearing;
  • move furniture in the library premises;
  • remove equipment from the library or move it from one room to another;
  • perform other actions that violate the order;
  • change computer settings;
  • use the internet for commercial purposes (sale, purchase, advertising of goods, services), dissemination of information that offends the honor and dignity of citizens.