Tusselbayeva Zhanar

Tusselbayeva Zhanar

English language professor


Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Kazakh State University of International Relations and World Languages after Ablai Khan

Scientific interests and disciplines taught

FL teaching methodology, English for academic purposes, English for professional purposes

Continuing education courses

Peculiarities of teaching/learning process organization in conditions of trilinguism, Каз НУ им. Аль -Фараби, Онлайн-семинар 19-28.02.2018

Scientific publications

1. Kurmanayev G.,Kurmanayeva D., Tusselbayeva Z., KasbayevaZ., AristanbekovazZ.(2017)Professional education of social pedagogues in Kazakhstan , Espacios vol38(#35)page37, ISSN 0798 1015
2. E. A. Kemelbekova, Sagimbayeva J.E., Shakhputova Z.Kh., Tusselbayeva Zh.A.(2018) Aligning learning outcomes to performance assessment in teaching professionally -oriented foreign language, Current Debates in Education First Edition, April 2018 IJOPEC Publication No: 2018/11 ISBN: 978-1-912503-32-2
3.Sagimbayeva J., Moldakhmetova G., Kurmanayeva D., Tazhitova G., Kassymbekova N., SmagulovaB., Tusselbayeva Zh., Tussupova G., Ustelimova N.(2018) Experience and Perspectives of Teaching Foreign Languages, Collective monograph/Premier Publishing s.r.o. Vienna 2018 ISBN 978-3-903197-83-1


Reading, designing