Manglayev Talgat

Manglayev Talgat

ICT professor


  • Bachelor’s degree, ath and Computer Modeling Eurasian National University by L.N. Gumilyov
  • Masters’s, Computing Asia Pacific University
  • PhD Information and Communication Technology Nazarbayev University

Scientific interests and disciplines taught

Parallel programming

Continuing education courses

CUDA courses and research by NVIDIA teaching center, 2017

Scientific publications

T.Manglayev, R.C. Kizilirmak,N.A.W. A.Hamid”, GPU acceleration ofNOMA-OFDM”,
Electronics, 2019, 8(3), p.257
I T.Manglayev, R.C. Kizilirmak, Y.H.Kho,N.A.W. A.Hamid, “GPU accelerated successive
interference cancellation forNOMAuplink with user clustering”, Springer, Wireless
Personal Communications, 2018 , 103(3), pp.2391-2400