Kassabek Samat

Kassabek Samat

Math professor


PhD, Kazakh-British Technical University

Scientific interests and disciplines taught

Мathematical modeling of electrical contact phenomena

Scientific publications

1) Kharin S.N., Sarsengeldin M.M., Kassabek S. A. “The mathematical models of electromagnetic field dynamics and heat transfer in closed electrical contacts including Thomson effect” // Third International conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics ICAAM. -2016. – P. 241
2) Kharin S.N., Sarsengeldin M.M., Nouri H., Kassabek S. A., Nauryz T. “Mathematical model of electromagnetic field with Skin-Effect in closed electrical contacts” // СеминарDOMCS 2017 Дифференциальные операторы и моделированиес ложных систем. International Journal of pure and applied mathematics.- 2017. -Vol. 113. No.4. –P. 625-637
3) Kharin S.N., Sarsengeldin M., Kassabek S. A. “Electromagnetic field and constriction resistance of the ring-shaped contact” // The VI congress of the Turkic world Mathematical society: Springer publishing. – 2017
4) Sarsengeldin M.M., Kharin S.N., Kassabek S., Mukhambetkazin Z. Mathematical Model of Heat Transfer in Opening Electrical Contacts // FILOMAT journal 32:3. -2018. -P 985-990.
5) Kharin S. N., Sarsengeldin M. M., Kassabek S. A., Nauryz T. “ The model of melting and welding of closed electrical contacts with softening contact zone” // 29th International conference on electrical contacts and the 64th IEEE Holm conference on electrical contacts.- Albuquerque; New Mexico; USA,2018. –P. 38-45.