Kalakova Aidana Bergenovna

Kalakova Aidana Bergenovna

ICT professor


  • Bachelor, Nazarbayev University
  • Master’s, Nazarbayev University

Continuing education courses

  • KAUST, Saudi Arabia, winter course of lectures on microelectronics

Scientific publications

1. A. Khamitov, B. Alimkhanuly, A. Kalakova, et al, “Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles: Multi –channel Modelling,” 2018 IEEE Int. Conf. Environ. Electr. Eng. 2018 IEEE Ind. Commer. Power Syst. Eur. (EEEIC / I&CPS Eur.), pp. 1–5, 2018.
2. M. Lu, A. Kalakova, et al, “Experimental Analysis of the Voltage Pulsations at the Receiver’s Side of a Dynamic Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles,” 2018 IEEE 8th Power India International Conference (PIICON), pp. 1-6, 2018
3. B. Satuyeva, B. Sultankulov, H. S. V. S. K. Nunna, A. Kalakova and S. Doolla, “Q-Learning based Protection Scheme for Microgrid using Multi-Agent System,” 2019 International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (SEST), Porto, Portugal, 2019, pp. 1-6.
4. A. Kalakova, H. S. V. S. K. Nunna, P. K. Jamwal and S. Doolla, “Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Economic Dispatch with Short-Term Load Forecasting,” 2019 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2019, pp. 1-6.
5. A. Kalakova, Y. Amanbek, H. S. V. S. K. Nunna, P. K. Jamwal and S. Doolla, “Feasibility Study of Energy Storage Systems for a Wind Farm: A Case of Ereymentau Region in Kazakhstan,” CPE-POWERENG 2020 14th International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering, Setubal, Portugal, February 2020