Jampeissova Zhanar

Jampeissova Zhanar

Political science professor


  • KazNU Al-farabi
  • ENU

Continuing education courses

  1. Research internship at Indiana state University (USA, 2001)
  2. Research internship at the University of Vienna (Austria, 2003)
  3. Research internship at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (USA, 2010)
  4. Research fellowships at the University of Liverpool (UK, 2013) and other
  5. Research grants From the Open society Institute (new York – Budapest) in 2002-2004, 2009-2011
  6. Research grants from the German Gerda Henkel Foundation in 2007-2008
  7. One – year internship at the school of art, languages and culture of the University of Manchester (UK) under the Global Faculty Grants Program-Academic Sabbatical Award of the Open Society Foundation 2013-2014.

Scientific publications

  1. “Imperial statistical research in the Kazakh steppes (late 19th – early 20th centuries): defining nomadic communities and their borders”
  2. Gian Luca Bonora, Karlygash Bizhigitova, Zhanar Zhampeisova, Niccolo Pianciola, Paolo Sartori, Igor Savin, guide of Kazakhstan. Sites of Faith, sites of history, Umberto Allemandi editore, Torino, 2010.
    “The role of the oath in Kazakh legal proceedings (nineteenth and early twentieth century)”, Gian Luca Bonora, Niccolo Pianciola, Paolo Sartori (ed.) Kazakhstan. Religions and society in the history of Central Eurasia, Umberto Allemandi Editore, Torino, 2009: 199 – 210.
  3. Kazakh society and law in the post-reform steppe (Kazakh society and law in the reformed steppe), Akmola center for scientific and technical information publishing house, Astana, 2006, monograph, 269 P.
  4. The role of the oath among the Kazakhs (The role of the oath for the Kazakh people), textbook for students, Astana, 2006 ,114 P.