Master’s degree program “Computer Science and Engineering”

Computer science and engineering

7M06105 «Computer science and engineering»

Educational program 7M06105 “Computer science and engineering

It involves the use of modern models, methods and approaches in the field of software engineering and computer science in the learning process. The educational program involves the use or application of the acquired knowledge in the field of IT, thereby covering not only the scientific component of the program, but also the applied part. As a result of studying under the educational program “Computer science and engineering”, graduates will have the opportunity to work in scientific and industrial projects as project managers in the field of software development, system developers, software architects, engineers of various processes.


Educational program documents


Educational program documents


Scientific and pedagogical direction - 2 years

Classifier of directions

  • Group of educational programs: M094 – Information and communication technologies
  • Educational program «Computer science and engineering»
  • Language of instruction: English


Приемная комиссия


Пн-Пт 9:00 – 18:00

Interesting and important disciplines:
Graduate's career opportunities

Interesting and important disciplines:

  • Site reliability engineering,
  • Advanced databases,
  • Product management,
  • Advanced Frontend

Graduate’s career opportunities:

  • Project manager,
  • product manager,
  • system developer,
  • software architect,
  • IT process engineer,
  • Senior developer




The science

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