Letter to compliance officer

You can contact the Сompliance officer in case of identification and detection of:

  • Facts of violations by Astana IT University or an employee/student of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including regulatory legal acts and internal procedures of the university
  • Corruption offenses and the facts of fraudulent activities involving university employees and students
  • Unlawful disclosure of corporate secrets by university employees
  • Conflict of interests involving university employees
  • Violations of the norms of business ethics by university employees
  • Other violations related to the activities of the university

You should use the Compliance hotline email: compliance@astanait.edu.kz to send a message to the Compliance officer.

Only information about intentions and illegal actions of Astana IT University employees and students is accepted to the specified e-mail address.

You can also call the helpline: 87473488239

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