Innovations and entrepreneurship


Co-working is an innovative workspace with a wide range of services, high-speed Internet access and jobs that can be used by students and / or rent companies working in the field of cybersecurity, ICT, IT management and telecommunications.

The normative basis for the organization of coworking is:

– internal labor regulations;
– Regulations on coworking;
– application acceptance platform;
– development plan (work) of coworking.

Goals and objectives of coworking

• The main tasks of coworking to create conditions for students and renting companies specialized in educational programs of Astana IT University ;
• Active use of opportunities and services provided by innovative infrastructure;
• Organization of additional lectures, trainings, master classes, invitation of speakers, coaches, etc;
• Support and development of innovative entrepreneurship among students;
• Organization of a workplace, meeting rooms, conference rooms;
• Development of proposals for the development of forms of innovative infrastructure and methods for managing innovative activities at Astana IT University;
• Analysis of the relationship of methods used in the course of innovation, and forms of innovation infrastructure.

Key areas of coworking

– mutually beneficial cooperation between companies and Astana IT University;
– provides constant meetings, live communication between users, exchange of contact information, useful networking;
– Active participation in external and internal university conferences, seminars, events, etc;
– project activities;
– stages of developing a business model of coworking as an element of an open innovation infrastructure;
– classification of elements of innovative infrastructure according to the selected criteria.

Guest lectures and master-classes

Meeting with Astana Innovations and SeedStars Nur-Sultan

2 March 2020

The goal and topic of meeting: Information exchange on action plans for 2020 such as contests, master-classes, Olympiads, hackatons, etc. The opportunity of site provision for previously mentioned events.

Meeting with Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary

3 March 2020

The goal and topic of meeting: Opportunity of internship conduction (field internship), hackatons among students in thefield of aerospace industry.

Meeting with Hewlett Packard

10 March 2020

The goal and topic of meeting: Discussion of the opportunity of mutually beneficial cooperation. Also, training and retraining base, certification of bachelor’s students, further Master’s. Access of interns-students to equipment (demo versions) during internships etc.

Meeting with BI Innovations, Amirkhan Omarov

13 March 2020

The goal and topic of meeting: presentation of project, main topic – co-workings in Kazakhstan, the experience of implementation in Almaty. The further opportunity of co-working project implementation at Astana IT University. Implementation of companies, incubators startup on the territory of Astana IT University within this project. Development of internal ecosystem of the university.