The English Language Educational Program

About the program

The English Language Educational Program (ELEP) is a division of Astana IT University. The ELEP offers regular session English language courses, Academic English and English for ICT studies. We also offer during pre-session, both intermediate and advanced-level refresher courses, each running for three weeks. Our courses aim at helping university-level students attain proficiency in academic and professional English and thus become strong candidates for the job market in ICT, TC and IT management.

About the courses

  • English Refresher Course, intermediate level (3 weeks): This course reviews standard English grammar, builds professional glossary and practical speaking abilities. English Refresher Course, advanced level (3 weeks): This course focuses on applied English writing styles, syntax review, and oral practice.I. Pre-session courses
  • English for Academic Purposes (B1+, B2 and C1): This course focuses on building basic skills in academic reading, writing, and speaking. Students will learn: the rules of academic style; how to build a clear essay; how to form successful presentation structures; and strengthening academic vocabulary and academic language usage. This course is developed in accordance with the BA degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication Systems; Cybersecurity; and IT Management Program Aims and Learning Outcomes. With successful completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate their academic English language competence and meet the Astana IT University coursework assignments. English for Professional Purposes (C1 and C2): This course is designed for students who are taking courses in the field of IT with English as the medium of instruction. The course aims to teach students to cope with the challenges of listening and reading in English, in their discipline, as well as engaging in English spoken discourse in their field, and writing reports, essays, and presentations in English.II. In-session courses

The iQyn Empowerment Centre

The iQyn Empowerment Centre was established to facilitate exchanges between the Astana IT English language faculty with professionals from other departments and from other institutions, with the goal of enriching the overall learning process.
  • Assisting students who may be struggling with their English studies. Workshops on grammar, academic writing and presentation skills shall be provided to students in small group settings. Faculty members of the English Language Program each volunteer two hours per week to make these workshops possible.
  • Arranging visits and lectures by guest speakers on a variety of topics, to allow our students to remain in touch with up-to-date ideas that will further motivate our students to excel. Guest speakers will be invited from within Astana IT University, and from the general business world and other educational institutions.
  • Developing workshops on topics relevant to teaching effectiveness and preparing our student for their professions: assessment strategy, curriculum development, exam validity, teaching methodologies, and other topics.

Our students’ activities

ELEP encourages students to participate in wide-ranging academic and research activities that will enhance their professional preparedness.

As an example, ELEP students Alima Aglakova and Adlet Social’s research on Gender in STEM Education, led to the presentation of their research at a student conference in Germany (December, 2019).

A group of ELEP students participated in the STEM forum organized by Miras School in February 2020. They gave workshops in English for the forum participants, on film editing, Python programming language, coding essentials, and other topics.

The professional development workshops

For the faculty members organised during this academic year

Assessing assessment

Guest lecturer: Valerie Sartor, Fulbright Scholar, the US Embassy

Corpus Types in Digital Language

Guest lecturer: Saule Tazhibayeva, Doctor of Philology, Eurasian national University

Staging a lesson

Guest lecturer: Martin Curtis, Oxford University Press Teacher Trainer

Discussing the syllabus components

Faculty members, Astana IT University

Developing Language Skills

Guest lecturer: Sulushash Kerimkulova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Nazarbayev University

Designing Academic English for the AITU students

Guest lecturer: Paul Woodfall, Oxford University Press Teacher Trainer

The professional and academic development workshops

For the University students organised during this academic year

Debating club: Computers can replicate human intelligence

Guest lecturer: Mark Alexander-Warne, Senior Lecturer of Astana IT University

Stylish academic writing

Guest lecturer: Valerie Sartor, Fulbright Scholar, the US Embassy

Strategies of Negotiations

Guest lecturer: Wolfgang Moser, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Germany, Expert in Negotiations, an expert of SES

Debating club: Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies

Guest lecturer: Richard Smith, Contract Based Expert of Astana IT University

How to Give Effective Presentations

Guest lecturer: Miriam Sciala and Robert Gordyn, Academic English Instructors, Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University

World Music! From Where? And Where To?

Guest lecturer: Andrew L.Kaye,, Adjunct professor of Ramapo College and Rowan University, the USA

Sustainable development in the information age

Guest lecturer: Konomi Narita, Akiko Takai, Fellows of the UN in Kazakhstan office

Writing well in the information age

Guest lecturer: Valerie Sartor, Fulbright Scholar, the US Embassy