Department of legal support and personnel management

The main task of the Department is the enforcement of law in the activities of LLP “Astana IT University”, and the provision of HR administration and accounting, the development of personnel management system.

Structure of the Department:

Kalykov Abay Koblandievich
Director of department

Room: C1.3.30

Ext.number: +7 7172 64 57 04  (2033)

Office hours:
Monday to Friday – 9:00 – 18:00

Azylkiyasova Jamilya Samatovna

Room: С1.3.32


Office hours:
Monday to Friday – 9:00 – 18:00

Davydov Denis Viktorovich
Advisor to the Rector on Security



Office hours:
Monday to Friday – 9:00 – 18:00

Functions of the Department:

1) ensuring control over compliance with the law in the activities of AITU and all its structural divisions;

2) protection and representation of AITU’s interests in judicial and other state bodies;

3) ensuring accounting and registration of external regulatory documents applied in the activities of AITU;

4) development, accounting, registration of administrative and civil contracts AITU;

5) implementation of legal expertise of normative legal acts and draft agreements and decisions of AITU;

6) preparation of a claim to contractors in case of violation of their contractual obligations;

7) monitoring the fulfillment of obligations by contractors under previously concluded agreements;

8) participate in the development and implementation of aitu’s strategic objectives within its competence;

9) ensuring the implementation of aitu’s HR policy;

10) organization and holding of competitions for filling vacant positions in AITU;

11) development and / or participation in the development of regulations governing the selection of personnel;

12) organization of work on the development of regulations and job descriptions of aitu structural divisions;

13) participate in the development and / or develop and implement rules of motivation, material and non-material incentives for employees, update and improve the system of remuneration of employees;

14) development and implementation Of internal labor regulations for AITU employees;

15) implementation of planning and organization of training for AITU employees;

16) organization of personnel performance evaluation;

17) development and implementation of regulatory documents on personnel management in AITU;

18) ensures compliance with the provisions and norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues related to labor relations;

19) the hiring, dismissal, displacement of workers AITU, leave, disciplinary action, and other established HR documentation;

20) maintenance fill, storage of labor books of employees AITU;

21) preparation and issuance of documents confirming the employment of an aitu employee;

22) drawing up vacation schedules and monitoring their compliance;

23) registration and record-keeping of business trips;

24) ensuring working time accounting, in accordance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.