Dean’s office


  • Ensuring the organization and development of basic educational programs by the University major;
  • Organizing and controlling the educational process;
  • Providing information inquiry support for students on educational issues;
  • Administering performances of the program coordinators, faculty and university students;
  • Monitoring quality control of the educational process, student knowledge and skills.

Department’s structure

Sergaziyev Muslim
Dean, associate professor

Tel: 8 (717) 2 645 706


Khaimuldin Nursultan
Deputy Dean

Tel: 8 (717) 2 645 734
Room: С2. – 1.11



  • Planning, organizing and coordinating educational activities of program coordinators and faculty in accordance with the educational programs and curricula;
  • Participating in the international educational activities of the University;
  • Participating in the process of formation and improvement of the teaching staff, coordinating recommendations on candidatures of teachers (including foreign) invited to give lectures supporting professional development of faculty members;
  • Controlling quality control of all types of training sessions by teachers and all forms of examination procedures. Monitoring the implementation of individual plans of teachers. Monitoring the development of syllabi in the disciplines;

Competition for the provision of innovative grants.

JSC “Engineering and Technology Transfer Center” announced the start of the second Contest! Competition for the provision of innovative grants. Applications will be accepted from 10 to 23 August 2021! Following the results of the pilot competition, some conditions were changed. Namely, now, to participate in the competition, you will need to have a certificate...
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A meeting with representatives of Lehigh University

The Department of International Cooperation held a meeting with representatives of Lehigh University about bilateral cooperation. Lehigh University is a leading private research university. Most students live on campus, which allows them to conduct research and discoveries almost anywhere. Every year ranked in the top tier of national research universities. Located in Pennsylvania’s scenic Lehigh...
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Grant programs for the creation and implementation of innovations and new technologies

The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan is planning to launch the following grant programs for creation and implementation of innovations and new technologies under the Fostering Productive Innovation Project: “Productive Sector Consortia I: Competence Centers”“Productive Sector Consortia II”“Grants for Senior Scientist/Junior Researcher Groups” More details For...
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