Enrollment to academic disciplines

3 years

Period of study

3 trimesters

One academic year includes

10 weeks

Duration of 1 trimester

50 minutes

Duration of an academic hour


Individual Curriculum
  • Every year, on the basis of an educational program and a catalogue of elective subjects, a student, with the help of advisers, generates an Individual Curriculum (IC).
  • IC determines the individual educational trajectory of each student separately.
  • IC includes theoretical disciplines (university component, optional component) and other types of educational activities (practice).


  • Disciplines by choice (elective disciplines) are an obligatory component of educational programmes (EP).
  • Purpose of the disciplines of choice is an in-depth study of nodal issues in a particular professional activity.
  • List of disciplines of choice consists of alternative courses and is focused on the individual needs of students.
  • When forming a trajectory, a student receives complete information in all areas, with a description of the content of the discipline and the results of learning.

University provides learning in those areas:

1. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT);
2. Telecommunications;
3. Business and Management.

ICT learners have the opportunity to define a trajectory in section 5 of EP:

6B06105 Media Technologies;
6B06104 Industrial Automation;
6B06103 Computer Science;
6B06102 Big Data Analysis;
6B06101 Software Engineering

Disciplines selection process

– Annually, the selection procedure for the next course is carried out between March and April of the academic year.

– Schedule of meetings between students and the editors is determined and is available in LMS Moodle.

– Meetings with students are held according to the schedule with presentations of elective courses.

– Trajectories of students’ EP within the ICT directions are determined.

– Alternative courses in all areas of learning are determined.

– In the list of elective disciplines when forming the trajectory, a student has the right to determine the priority alternative courses.

– IC, academic flows and groups are formed on the basis of the disciplines fixed by students in the support system.

Academic flows

– Academic flows and groups are formed on the principle of a sufficient number of students enrolled in this discipline and achieving a sufficient level of profitability.

– Filling of the academic flow in “Astana IT University” consists of 40-100 students and academic groups of 15-20 students.

Completion of enrollment in academic disciplines

– In the case of enrollment in a discipline that is not profitable (less than 15 people), the student’s IC gets the following discipline by priority determined by him during the selection.

– By enrolling in a particular course, the student must meet all course requirements.

– Selected courses are mandatory and their laboriousness must be in line with the curriculum.

– It is not allowed to change the selected course of study after approval of the IC.