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What do I need for admission?

Requirements for UNT

  1. Persons with secondary, technical, and vocational or post-secondary education, scored the results of the UNT not less than 70 points, including not less than 5 points – in the history of Kazakhstan, mathematics literacy, reading literacy – language learning, and at least 5 points for each profile subject, with the exception of applicants on educational programs of higher education that require creative preparation.
  2. Persons with secondary, technical, professional or post-secondary education who have scored at least 70 points on the UNT results, including at least 5 points on the history of Kazakhstan, reading literacy – the language of instruction, and at least 5 points on each creative exam.

English language proficiency requirements

Persons who have passed additional exams in English.

Persons who have the following valid international certificates (originals) confirming their proficiency in English in accordance with the pan-European competencies (standards) are exempt from the English entrance exam:

  • International English Language Testing System( IELTS), threshold score – at least 5.0;
    Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm (TOEFL ITP) — not less than 460 points;
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test (TOEFL IBT), threshold score-46-59;
    Aptis certificate, with the result corresponding to level B1;
  • B1 level certificates issued by the InterPress language centers in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Karaganda in 2020.

Educational program

Computer Science

Digital Journalism

Industrial Automation

Software Engineering


Media Technologies

Big Data Analysis


Telecommunication Systems

How do I get a grant?

Astana IT University provides an opportunity to apply for targeted state grants and rectorial grants.

Target state grant – full coverage of tuition, stipend, a large percentage of the proceeds of the grant

Rector’s grant – full coverage of training, a large percentage of admission to the grant


Student life

Astana IT University actively operates student self-government, which is an element of the overall management system of the educational process at the University and assumes maximum consideration of the interests and needs of students based on the study of their public opinion.

Center for psychological development

The psychological counseling center provides free counseling for AITU students in stressful situations and encourages them to seek help with their problems. Each student can contact the Center on any issue related to their psychological state: self-doubt, loneliness, feelings associated with the loss of loved ones, problems in learning or communication, dissatisfaction with their lives, and others.
The main goal is to create an environment where students can freely seek help.

Student clubs

Astana IT University has more than 40 student clubs where students implement their ideas and turn them into reality. Getting involved in student clubs gives students the opportunity to expand their intellectual and leadership abilities by self-managing clubs, which are the link between academic and non-academic experiences.


– 5 modern educational and scientific laboratories
– 6 lecture halls, 63 classrooms
– 20 innovative computer laboratories
– 10 offices for startups
– Amphitheatre
– Scientific library
– Sports and fitness facilities
– Media center with TV and radio broadcasting studios
– Medical center equipped with modern equipment
– 250 Wi-Fi points with free Internet access

IT vendor

It vendor Astana IT University – companies of goods and services in the field of information technology that provide training and certification for their products.

  • EDB
  • Huawei
  • Cisco
  • Kaspersky


Astana IT University career and employment center is a link between University students and the labor market. Every student and graduate of the University can apply to the career and employment center during their studies or after graduation and get an opportunity to complete an internship, practice or officially find a job in the desired organization.

About the Astana IT University

The mission of Astana IT University is to provide digital transformation through training, research and successful innovation.

Vision. Astana IT University is a leading center of competence for digital transformation in Central Asia.

The global goal is to train highly qualified specialists in the digital economy based on interdisciplinary technologies.

Strategic goals

1) building an effective training system in the field of IT technologies and related fields of knowledge that meets the needs of the state;
2) integration of research and education in the field of ICT and related fields;
3) development of the future specialist’s personality with high social and civic responsibility;

House Of Students

Astana IT University – Future of Digital Kazakhstan


Monday.  9.00 – 18:00
Tuesday.  9.00 – 18:00
Wednesday.  9.00 – 18:00
Thursday.  9.00 – 18:00
Friday.  9.00 – 18:00

Admission committee

Mangilik El, Block C1
Expo 2017

Contact number: +7 (7172) 645710
Email : info@astanait.edu.kz

Frequently asked question

Term of study at AITU?

The term of study at AITU is 3 years. Our students graduate from the University 1 year earlier, due to the intensity of training. Aitu students study until the month of July, thereby closing more credits.

Do you have grants?

Our University receives targeted grants every year. For 2020, AITU has been allocated 1,100 targeted grants.

What is a targeted grant?

A target grant is the same as a state grant, but it is allocated to a specific University, which means that only those applicants who enter AITU can participate in the aitu target grant competition.

How do I apply to AITU?

In order to enter, You need to pass the UNT and score at least 65 points, as well as confirm your level of English language proficiency by providing IELTS, Toefl, Aptis or Duolingo certificates.If you do not have any of these certificates, then you need to pass an internal English proficiency test.

What language are lessons in?

Education at Astana IT University is conducted entirely in English.

Can I switch to a grant from a paid education?

Another advantage of AITU is that students can switch to free targeted grants starting from the 1st trimester.

Is there a military Department?

Astana IT University has a military Department. Our students can get the rank of reserve Lieutenant in 3 specializations: geoinformation systems, information security and application of topogeodetic units.
You can enroll in the military Department, either on a grant or in the military Department.

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